Eddie Hall Shows How He Prepares For The Future Strongmen Boxing Battle


Eddie Hall may be really strong when it’s up to lifting weights. However, being a boxer is something very different. The powerlifter is starting a new training routine.  He craves to lose some weight and to become more nibble before the future fight with Hafthor Bjornsson.

Eddie Hall is not the strongest man in the world anymore. Recently his record was destroyed by Hafthor Bjornsson. In addition, Bjornsson invited Hall to meet at a boxing ring. Quite an unexpected turn!

Eating much is a necessity when you are a powerlifter. However, having some extra weight is not a great plus for a boxer who shall be nibble and flexible. Hall is definitely a passionate player and he’s not going to lose the battle. The sportsman said he was going to change his training routine to knock Hafthor down. The powerlifter is now working on getting more fit and losing some weigh.

Sit-up Challenge For 30 Days

While Hall has daily strength training, he decided to add one dynamic exercise to see whether it’s helpful in losing weight. His fitness experiment was planned to last for 30 days. “100 sit-ups every day, a little bit of boxing work, and then I’m gonna go for a bike ride,” – said Eddie recording the video to document his attempt to get fitter.

The first day was hard for the sports star. It turned out he was not ready for 100 sit-ups at a row. Eddie needed some rest to finish the daily plan. However, day after a day, the powerlifter got close to his aim.

Hall reported that 100 daily sit-ups helped him to lose around 20 pounds in a month. Moreover, he looks significantly slimmer and his ABS became more visible.

Eddie Hall recorded how 100 daily sit-ups transformed his body in 30 days



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