Eddie Hall Asks UK Government to Reopen Gyms

The lockdown effect destroys thousands of sporty bodies. Little activities, lots of food, and no opportunity to go to a gym impact people’s health and appearance. Even taking steroids or other supplements won’t do much without regular workout. Eddie Hall thinks such a situation may be more dangerous than the coronavirus itself. The popular sportsman has started his own campaign to reopen gyms.

Gym addiction is more of a benefit than a problem. Yet lots of people have suffered during the 2019 lockdown because of closed gyms. People around the world complain about health and mood issues. Often it’s caused by a lack of activity. Such a situation is even more dangerous for sportsmen and fitness gurus. They are not only losing their shape but also are at risk of losing their jobs.

Home training is not a solution for those who work super hard or exercise with heavy weights. Eddie Hall has the privilege of training in his own gym no matter what. The pandemic and lockdown have no impact on his training habits and career plans.

Yet the sportsman takes an active social position. Being a role model, Eddie feels responsible for thousands of people who wait for the gym’s reopening. The strongman decided to use his reputation to write an open letter to the UK government.

The sportsman thinks that sport is a necessity. It can cure lots of teenagers and adults from anxiety and depression. Eddie shared some interesting facts from his own biography. He said exercising helped him overcome alcohol and drug addiction. Sport became the key to his happy and healthy life.

Eddie explains it wouldn’t have a happy ending if he couldn’t visit gyms for a while. Hall underlined that most pubs are already open. That’s why he sees no reason to keep gyms closed. Eddie received great support from his followers. The published letter got almost 90 000 likes in two days.

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