Dianabol Side Effects

Bodybuilders aiming for quick and substantial muscle and strength gains, Dbol cycle anabolic steroids usually become a go–to option.

With increased overall performance and transforming the body to be highly responsive to the muscle growth stimulation, it’s quite hard to say no to steroids such as Dianabol.

However, these benefits also come at a price, and not just in financial terms.

All anabolic steroids have the potential for negative side effects, especially at high and frequent doses.

While steroids carry similar side effects, the incidence and severity often vary from one user to the other.

Indeed, some experts conclude that while dosage is an important contributory factor, the most important risk factor that determines the appearance of negative reactions is YOU – the user himself.

What Are Dianabol Effects?

One of the possible side effects is its ability to do damage to the user’s liver.

Dianabol has to pass through the liver before it is released into the blood stream, thus this hepatotoxic effect is dependent on the dose and duration of Dianabol use.


It is recommended for users not to go beyond 80 mg per day and to adhere to the Dianabol cycle of 6 weeks / 8 weeks.

It is also recommended to avoid alcohol consumption and limit consumption of other drugs during the cycle, to avoid undue liver stress.

Otherside effects of the best Dianabol cycle intakeare water retention, cholesterol imbalance, high blood pressure, and androgen and estrogen related side effects .

Water Retention

Water retention is the main reason why the Dianabol only cycle, while good in yielding gains, is not recommended, as most of the gain is due to the retention of water.

This results in some guys having a bloated look, especially around the face and neck, resulting in what is termed “moon face”.

However the water retained will be lost with the discontinuation of Dianabol.

Steroids, cholesterol, androgens and estrogens all undergo the same biochemical pathway in our body
The introduction of anabolic steroids such as Dianabol upsets this pathway, thus leading to cholesterol imbalance, and androgen and estrogen related side effects.

The cholesterol imbalance brought about by Dianabol is high LDL and low HDL cholesterol.

The LDL, or low density lipoproteins, is termed the bad cholesterol whereas the HDL, or high density lipoproteins, is termed as good cholesterol.


A good remedy to this is to increase the amount of healthy fats in your diet, such as Omega-3 fatty acids which improve the total cholesterol.

Androgen related side effects include mild symptoms such as acne and oily skins and more striking effects such as aggressiveness and, rarely, male pattern baldness.

These symptoms are dependent on the dose of the Dianabol, which is why it is best to not to use too high a dose during the cycle.

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Dianabol Side Effects for Men

All the aforementioned Dbol side effects vary in degree depending on the user.

In a perfectly healthy male, these side effects are mostly reversible, avoidable or well tolerated.

In those who have some preexisting conditions, these conditions will most likely be amplified with Dianabol use.

Let’s discuss some of those reactions in more details below…

<> Gynecomastia

The estrogen related side effect of Dianabol use is mainly gynecomastia, or breast enlargement in males popularly known as man boobs.

Gynecomastia may occur very early in the Dianabol cycle, even under low doses.

This is why an estrogen inhibitor like Gynectrol is recommended during the cycle.

Dianabol also suppresses the natural testosterone production of the body, thus the need for testosterone supplementation during the Dianabol cycle.

<> Acne, Baldness, Blood Pressure

Those with a history of acne have a greater tendency to have an outbreak with Dianabol use.

Likewise, those with a family history of male pattern baldness will have a more striking balding hairline.

For those who have preexisting high blood pressure and/or cholesterol imbalance, it is wise to avoid Dianabol and steroids altogether.

The high blood pressure caused by Dianabol use is almost unavoidable.

Coupling this with an already high baseline blood pressure would open the way for more severe complications such as stroke or heart disease. The same applies for those with cholesterol imbalance.

Popular Dbol Alternative

For those who have conditions incompatible with Dianabol use, or to those who prefer to err on the side of caution, an alternative for Dianabol is D-bal, which is produced by Crazybulk.

D-bal mimics the positive effects of Dbol steroids, without any of side effects at all.

One of its function is to increase the nitrogen retained in the body.

Nitrogen is a building block of protein… and… protein is a building block of muscles.

Thus, more nitrogen retained simply translates to more protein available for muscle building.

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