HONEST Dianabol Review of Bodybuilding Results & Adverse Effects

Reading Dianabol reviews can help you learn about some of the more anecdotal experiences with this steroid, as reported by users in online forums and blogs. This information is equally valuable compared to the scientific reviews of the effects and results possible from this anabolic compound.

Dianabol or Dbol as some people may call it occupies the second position on top of the most powerful anabolic steroid ever produced. Even though the original name of this steroid was Methandrostenolone, numerous athletes have called it “Dbol”. To obtain a complete androgen replacement, specialists have recommended 10-15 mg each day. However, the recommended dosage for athletes is smaller, just 5 mg per day.

The effects of this steroid on a user would be our main interest in this article. Bodybuilders usually count on this steroid in order to increase their muscle mass. Considering the fact that the Food and Drug Administration has banned this substance from the market, people can`t buy Dianabol from the drug shops openly. People can find Methandrostenolone in oral and injectable forms, so this is quite interesting.

“Reforvit-B” is the name of the product that comes in the injectable form of this 17-alkylated anabolic steroid. This is practically a mixture between vitamin-B complex and methandrostenolone. There are some similarities between this steroid and other 17alpha alkylated steroids.

It is also liver toxic and a very weak binder to the androgen receptor. On the other hand, it will take a relatively short period of time for this steroid to increase protein synthesis, muscle strength, and glycogenolysis. Moreover, “Dbol” may also boost fat-free mass and strength, according to some particular researchers.

Reading Reviews in Online Forums

It is possible to find helpful reviews online, but when it comes to reading reviews of anabolic steroids, it can be hard to know if a particular review is honest. When you’re reading reviews for Dianabol, or any anabolic steroids for that matter, you need to keep in mind the Fox News slogan of Fair and Balanced.

Many anabolic steroid reviews are loaded with such intense emotion that all logic can be lost. Dianabol reviews are no exception to this common tendency. Like anything else worth becoming educated on, you’ll have to do a bit of digging as you do your homework into Dianabol, but there are a few things you can watch for.

Helpful and unbiased Dianabol reviews will include certain pieces of information and will leave out certain red flags that indicate bias. Be aware of what to look for, and you’ll have a good understanding of one of the most commonly used anabolic steroids on the market.

Nearly all experience logs will include much of the following information. Some reviews may include more detail regarding this information than others, but every review should at least mention the following points before turning to opinions and experiences with using the drug.

Pieces of information that should be mentioned include:

  • A short explanation of Dianabol, including what it is, where it comes from, how it works, and so on.
  • The most common reasons people use Dianabol is also important. Each steroid has specific uses and characteristics. When steroids are grouped together for terms of purposes, this is a red flag that the rest of the review may not be entirely accurate.
  • What side effects are commonly seen with Dianabol?
  • How can a user get the most out of a Dianabol cycle?
  • What are the benefits of Dianabol?

As you read a review of Dianabol, even if it includes all of the above information, it should talk about each point in a specific way. When explaining the side effects of Dianabol, does it explain the mechanism that causes the side effect? If not, it’s not very helpful.

Does the review minimize the specific advantages of the drug, or does it discuss the benefits of anabolic steroids in general? Every steroid has very specific advantages and disadvantages. To lump all steroids together in this regard is not only unhelpful but inaccurate as well.

Important Facts about the Dianabol Steroid

Before you get started with reading reviews, let’s get some basic information about the steroid so that you can tell how knowledgeable a review is as you read. Dianabol is the brand name for the anabolic androgenic steroid known as Methandrostenolone. While Methandrostenolone is manufactured under other brand names, Dianabol is the word most commonly used, a little like Tylenol in the United States is the most commonly used term when referring to acetaminophen.

Dianabol is a C17-aa oral anabolic steroid. This means it has been chemically modified so that it can be taken orally without the steroid being denatured by liver metabolism before it reaches the bloodstream. The downside to this chemical alteration is that it makes the steroid hepatotoxic, which means it can cause damage to the liver.

The possibility of damage increases with the dose. It also depends on the health of the user’s liver before starting the cycle. In most cases, the liver function returns to normal fairly quickly after the drug is discontinued.

SAFETY WARNING: Dianabol can cause serious side effects if used improperly. It is important to adhere to dosage instructions closely to prevent adverse reactions.

Dianabol is a great steroid for increasing mass and strength, but not so much for hardening and defining muscle. The half-life is about 5-6 hours. Because of this, daily dosing should be divided and taken twice, about 6 hours apart to keep blood levels stable. It is mildly androgenic but intensely anabolic.

Dianabol will aromatize. Certain side effects, including gynecomastia, bloating, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol can all occur but are more common with high doses or extended use. They are far less common when the steroid is used responsibly. Dianabol is toxic to the liver, but less so than daily alcohol use.

Dianabol was developed in 1950s by Dr. John Zeigler for the U.S. Olympic team after it was discovered that Soviet athletes had been given high doses of testosterone to improve their performance. No one has ever died from using Dianabol. If you read a review and these basic details are wrong, be wary of the review. Getting these facts wrong indicates that the review was written by someone without a basic understanding of the steroid.

Is Dianabol the Right Steroid for you?

When it comes to putting on bulk during the off-season, Dianabol is the steroid of choice among many athletes. There are many factors that make Dianabol so popular, including:

  • It’s effective;
  • It’s fast;
  • It’s easy to control the dose;
  • It’s inexpensive;
  • It’s easy to acquire;
  • It’s less frequently counterfeit than many other steroids.

One major issue that is common with anabolic steroids is that fake substances are quite common. The powder that is used to make it is relatively inexpensive, so there is little incentive for counterfeiters. This is not to say Dianabol is never faked, it sometimes is, but your chances of getting a product that is not genuine are much lower than with other steroids, such as Primobolan or Anavar. If you are looking for rapid strength and mass gains, your odds of achieving that goal are very high with Dianabol.


Now that you have a greater understanding of Dianabol reviews, you will be better prepared to use it. Any time you find reviews that get the facts right, the opinions are going to be a lot more helpful, whether the opinion is good or bad. When it comes to anabolic steroids, logical thinking goes out the window.

There has been so much propaganda surrounding performance-enhancing substances that hysteria abounds. Gaining an understanding of how specific anabolic steroids work, however, can help to overcome the irrational fears that surround these substances.

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