Dianabol Injections – Results and Side Effects

Dianabol is one of the best-known steroids on the market and for many new bodybuilders, this will be the first performance enhancing drug they ever encounter. This is because Dianabol is very popular, which in turn makes it very easy to come across. If you’re going to be offered a steroid in the gym by the shady guy in the corner, ‘Dbol’ is probably what he’ll be pushing.

So with that in mind, it’s worth examining this substance under the radar. It’s readily available but is it a good choice for beginners? Is it a good choice for anyone? What results can you expect to see and how severe are the side effects? We’ll take a look at all that and more in this post.

Dianabol Injections

Before we delve any further into Dianabol itself, let’s first decide what type of Dianabol we’re looking at.

When deciding whether to use steroids, one of the biggest decisions you need to make is whether you’re going to use injections or pills. This is another of the reasons that Dianabol cycle has so many fans – the fact that it can be taken orally means that it’s potentially much easier and simpler to use.

Injecting any steroid is something that many people find particularly off-putting. By using injections, you are going to need use needles, which is something many of us feel squeamish about/find too painful. If you don’t have diabetes, then why subject yourself to regular syringes?

At the same time, injecting often feels a lot more ‘real’. You can swallow a tablet and pretend it’s just your morning vitamins – but injecting something straight into your veins is hard to dismiss. This is also something you might feel the need to hide from your family and friends, which then means you’ll potentially be sneaking around behind their backs and hiding the large amount of paraphernalia that comes with injecting.

There’s the possibility of scarring (which is also off-putting) and there’s the fact that it can go wrong leading to a trapped air bubble or an infection. It’s a big deal!

Then again though, if comes down to a choice between injecting and consuming your steroids, you should always opt for the latter. There are several reasons for this but most importantly: injecting is less damaging to the liver. That’s because it’s going straight into the blood rather than being digested and in turn, that reduces the role of the liver in the process.

Another rather key point to keep in mind is that injecting is much more effective and potent. If you really want the fastest results and the most bang for your buck – then needles are the way to go.


So if you start injecting with Dianabol, what can you expect to happen?

This will of course partly depend on the amount of Dbol you are taking. Beginners are usually advised to begin with a ‘low’ dosage of around 20mg-25mg. Others will opt to start higher at about 50mg.

The more you use, the more noticeable the benefits will be early on. Likewise though, this will also increase the side effects.

Either way though, you will see some results using Dbol. Dbol steroid is a potent anabolic that works by binding to the androgen receptors and thereby increasing the amount of testosterone in the body and triggering anabolic changes. This will result in a dramatic increase in protein synthesis and ‘glycogenolysis’. What you really need to know is that this means you increase your muscle mass drastically while simultaneously burning more fat and having much more energy to attack workouts in the gym.

If you’re interested in getting a ‘bodybuilder-type’ physique, or even a more extreme cover model physique, then really the only way to achieve that is through steroids – and Dianabol is one of the stronger options. While it’s perfectly possible to see good results with natural training, any athlete who uses steroids is going to see their body change much more rapidly and this will correlate with increases in strength, power, recovery and more.

More results also come from increasing testosterone – which include enhanced virility, sex drive and confidence. Some guys will see this as one of the biggest advantages of using steroids: the opportunity to become more ‘alpha’ in their circle of friends.

Side Effects

All that said though, there are also a large number of side effects associated with Dianabol which is why it can’t be recommended for anyone who values their health above their gains.

While injecting Dianabol will reduce the strain on the liver, there is still considerable liver toxicity to contend with. While it’s unlikely, this could potentially prove fatal if you’re very unlucky.

Then there are all the side effects associated with raised testosterone. These include acne, aggression, insomnia, sweating, hair loss and even gynecomastia. More serious still, is that using steroids can actually permanently damage the body’s natural testosterone production. Essentially, the increase in free testosterone in the blood causes the testes to stop producing more testosterone. For this reason, ex-steroids are among the groups most likely to need hormone replacement therapy. You can use PCT (post cycle therapy) to try and reduce this effect – but you are still risking potentially permanent impotence and shrunken testicles.

Then there are all the concerns we’ve already addressed regarding steroid injections – the scars and the risk of dirty needles. And we haven’t even addressed the fact that you’ll be buying these drugs from completely illicit and unregulated sources. This, of course, makes steroids even more dangerous as you don’t really know what it is that you’re injecting.


Luckily there are alternatives for those who want to see an increase in muscle mass but don’t want to gamble with their health.

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