D-BAL Pills Review : How to Use Crazybulk Dianabol (Dbal) for Maximum Muscle Gains and Strength


Bulking and muscle gain is one of the major problems of fitness and bodybuilding enthusiasts nowadays.

You agree with me that gaining or bulking up muscle is more difficult than trying to lose fat or excess weight.

This is because in losing weight, you are simply trying to work out the excess fat and that’s it.

Gaining muscle however, is trying to build up additional flesh, converting them into muscles, and trying to retain them to avoid losing them through lack of exercise or inactivity.

This is why people turn to Dbal Pills for muscle gain assistance.

An Overview of D-BAL Pills for Muscle Gains

Dbal is a great supplement to your daily diet because it gives your body’s muscle growth a quick jumpstart into crazy overdrive by hastening your protein metabolism.

Through this, you are able to achieve a rapid growth or gain of lean muscle mass, which means you can be assured that what you are bulking up is muscle and not fat.

Nitrogen Retention: You are also able to have an enhanced capacity to retain nitrogen.

Since Nitrogen is the basic building block of muscle, being able to retain it means that you are also able to retain a good amount of muscle and not lose it as quick as you gained it.

Drive and Focus: Another good thing about using Dbal is an increased sense of drive and focus; and it also includes an increase in your strength and stamina.

Trying to gain muscle and dieting at the same time can be detrimental and can cause problems with your focus – especially with your stamina.

Helps Your Diet: With the absence of carbs, and an increased intake in protein, focus can also be a problem since carbs is the body’s primary source of energy.

But with Dbal, rest assured that you won’t encounter problems like that.

Why Should a Dbol Cycle Alone Be Discouraged?

Now, although Dbal is a recommended supplement for your body when you’re trying to gain good muscle mass, it should not be used by itself.

As a matter of fact, professionals, health experts and fitness trainers discourage a Dbol-alone cycle when trying to gain muscle.

Although a Dbol cycle is a fast way to gain muscle, it is not exactly the best or optimum path to take for optimal muscle gain.

According to the results of studies on Dianabol cycle only use, results of muscle gain after using such cycle does result in a very fast muscle growth, around 40-50% of such muscles gained through it may be water.

Because of it being primarily water, there is a higher chance for the muscles to quickly recede once the use of Dbol is stopped.

Research and continuous studies have shown that for Dbol gains to be ensured to last, have better strength, and stay upon gaining, it must be stacked with either Testosterone or Deca Durabolin taken together with it to make sure that the muscle growth is retained and developed for a long time .

As they say, as a combined effort, research has proven that chemically, Dbol combined with a healthy stack of Testosterone Trenbolone or Deca Durabolin can effectively retain gained muscle much longer, without compromising one’s health.

Many famous bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts have used this technique, Arnold Schwarzenegger being one of them.

What are the different uses of D-BAL Pills and how do we get the best out of them?

Just like regular food supplements, the Crazybulk Dbal cycle can work differently for different people.

Always remember that the human body, although programmed to work a certain way, definitely has a lot of paths in getting into a certain goal. This is why each body type has a unique way of reacting to a Dbal stack that one uses to build muscle.

Here are a few stacks that are suggested for different body types and/or different desire and goals:

1: Minimum Stack / Cycle For Skinny Guys:

For Fast Muscle Gains + Strength
Anabolic Testosterone Booster Anabolic Agent Length to take
D-BAL Testosterone Max DecaDuro 2 Months
25mg / Servings 40mg / Servings 200mg / Servings
90 Pills: 3 Daily 90 Pills: 2-3 Daily 90 Pills: 2-3 Daily

NOTE : Please be aware the above should be the minimum. We recommend the full Bulking Stack for you.

Brief Summary of the above products

D-BAL: For building muscle strength, Dbal, which is also known as Dianabol, is a healthy choice. As stated earlier, it has a high retention for Nitrogen that can result into better protein synthesis and finally into better muscle retention.

This is a staple when it comes to muscle building.

Testosterone Max: Testosterone is known as the Godfather of bodybuilding supplements, testosterone max is another staple for bodybuilding and muscle formation.

What Testosterone Max does is it pumps up your blood’s testosterone levels. What is contains is the plant called Tribulus Terrestris.

This plant contains steroidal saponins that elevate or increase the body’s luteinizing hormone. This, in turn, gives the signal to the body to increase the production of testosterone.

Testosterone is the one responsible for creating and driving muscle size, energy strength, power, performance and so much more.

With this, you are able to perform extreme workouts without the fatigue that comes when you have a low testosterone level.

DecaDuro: A third factor to aid in your muscle growth for the skinny guy would be Deca Duro. This supplement’s anabolic formula allows the taker to retain more nitrogen.

This works in a similar way to how the Dbal works, and together, you will be able to build muscle much faster and retain them gained through working out.

Decaduro also aids in the increased production of red blood cells – RBCs. With an increase in RBCs, there is an increase in oxygen delivery into your muscles, which can help power you up for longer and harder workouts every day. This supplement supercharges one’s workouts as well.

Good Results in 3-4 Weeks: Typically most users claimed to experience good results in 3-4 weeks or less. But for crazy and MAXIMUM gains, 2-3 months cycle is recommended.

2: Minimum Stack For Average Sized Guys:

For Muscle Strength Anabolic Testosterone Booster Length to take
D-BAL Testosterone Max
2 -3 Months
25mg / Servings 40mg / Servings
90 Pills: 3 Daily 90 Pills: 2-3 Daily
NOTE : Please be aware the above should be the minimum. We recommend the full Bulking Stack for you.

Why The Average Sized Guy May Not Add DecaDuro?

It s assumed an average sized guy is a bit bigger physically than the skinny guy. Also f you are less ambitious, the above Bulking Stack will get up to speed and big in 2-3 months guaranteed!

In other words, the bulking plan for averaged-sized men can be pretty much the same as skinny guys except for the absence of DecaDuro.

Given that there is already more mass than that of the skinny ones, not much nitrogen-retaining supplement is needed for bulking up.

First Results in 3 weeks.: Users normally experience results in 3 weeks or less. But for crazy and MAXIMUM gains, 2-3 months cycle is recommended.

3: Bulking Stack For Guys Looking For MAXIMUM Gains – FAST

For Muscle Gain Anabolic Testosterone Booster Anabolic Agent Anabolic & Androgenic
Adipose Tissue Elimination
D-BAL Testosterone Max Deca Duro Tbal75 Gynectrol
25mg / Serving 40mg / Serving 200mg / Serving75mg / Serving 200mg / Serving
90 Pills: 3 Daily 90 Pills: 2-3 Daily 90 Pills: 2-3 Daily 90 Pills: 3 Daily 90 Pills: 2-3 Daily
NOTE : The addition of Gynectrol in this stack is to contribute to the goal of reducing the Man Boobs and further help firm the chest.

This product helps burn that fatty tissue over the mammary glands in order to avoid the unwanted and highly unsightly man boobs that develop over the pectoral muscles.

It also helps in the pectoral muscle enhancement using a powerful synergistic formula to eliminate all the traces of gynecomastia.

Results in 30 Days: With this bulking stack, although the ideal workout and intake is for two months, results can already be seen as early as around 30 days.

This really means that progress is evident and that the body is working at its optimal strength to build up muscle.

For crazy and MAXIMUM gains, 2 months cycle is recommended.

8 Week Bulking Cycle… Building BIG Size & Mass

4: Check Out The ULTIMATE Bulking Stack

Now, although this is not recommended for everyone, there is an available Ultimate Bulking Stack that will ensure optimal muscle gain and retention (fastest time period) for those who are really enthusiastic and determined to build up muscle in a shorter amount of time.

For Muscle Gain Anabolic Testosterone Booster Anabolic Agent Thermogenic Length to take

Testosterone Max
Deca Duro Clenbutrol
1-2 Months

In this stack, the products being used for additional muscle gain is doubled…

Anadrole: By the addition of Anadrol nitrogen retention is maximized, as well as it gives superior strength for maximum workouts to be done.

Clenbutrol is also added as a thermogenic. What it does is that it burns fats in the body and significantly enhances the cardiovascular performance in order to ensure optimal oxygen transportation throughout the body.

Since Clenbutrol is a potent alternative to Clenbuterol, it allows the user to sculpt a lean and ripped body similar to that of Clenbuterol’s effects.

TBAL75 has the effects even more potent that testosterone itself and will accelerate most functions that a testosterone does to the body: Nitrogen retention, oxygen delivery and fat burning.

This is the ultimate stack for the ultimate bodybuilding enthusiast. The typical usage recommendation would last for two months in order to properly help the body develop.

Typical Results in 2-3 Weeks: However, effects can already be seen in as early as 2-3 weeks. With constant exercise and muscle-defining workouts, this will definitely help you gain your dream figure.


These are just a few of the stacks that can help you aid in making and constructing your dream body and figure.

As you can see, using Dbol alone is definitely not enough to achieve maximum muscle gain, growth and definition.

What you need is a balanced and holistic approach to the process of muscle building by enlisting the aid of other supplements to ensure that not only do you build good muscles, but is able to retain and develop them optimally and holistically.



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