2019 Olympia is going to be the most popular bodybuilding event this year. While we still have some months to wait until the contest begins, the upcoming event is already discussed by everyone.

Many sportsmen have already shared their thoughts about the 2019 contest – Dexter Jackson is one of them. This year seems to be very special for the bodybuilder and his fans. Right after 2018 Olympia, the sportsman complained that competing is getting harder for him year after a year and told he was ready to think about finishing his career.

Such a reaction made Dexter’s fans worried. Many people thought they would not see their favorite bodybuilder on the Olympia stage again. The sportsman who will celebrate his 50’s birthday this year still has an incredible physique, however, it was impossible to ignore how exhausted and tired he looked after the 2018 Olympia contest.

Soon after his post-Olympia interview Dexter calmed his fans down, posting photos and videos of his training. It was visible that the sportsman worked very hard and this could only mean he’s motivated for the further contest.

Now, nobody hesitates that we are going to see Dexter Jackson competing again. The sportsman shared his ideas about the future event. Dexter tells that his age is not an obstacle for working hard. The sportsman reports that he looks even better than ever before.

Dexter won the Olympia contest in 2008. However, the ambitious sportsman is not going to deny his dream about winning the competition one more time. Perhaps, his dream will come true this year.


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