Last year the Olympia contest surprised everyone with its final results. The auditory that got used to stability and the long reign of seven-times champion Phil Heath was shocked with numerous changes: the new champion, new favorites and new losses.

Phil Heath was unexpectedly dethroned by Shawn Rhoden who had not been even in the top-three list a year before. Another surprise was an awful performance of Big Ramy who was previously called one of the main candidates for the victory in 2018. Ramy looked worse than ever before and managed to get the fifth place only.

There were too many surprises as for a single sports contest. However, most sports experts say that it was the beginning of a new era in the sport. Boring stability shall be replaced with intriguing changes and surprises. That’s the rule that always makes the sport interesting!

While many people are trying to guess who is going to be the Olympia king this year, choosing between the current champion Shawn Rhoden and the ex-one Phil Heath, Dennis James has his own possible version of the future events.

Dennis James tells that the position of the current Olympia champion Shawn Rhoden is very unstable. The sportsman who managed to win the Olympia contest last year had never been in the top-list before, so he is more likely to lose his crown as unexpectedly as he got it. Dennis thinks that Phil Heath still has great chances to return his title this year. He’s very confident, well-trained and insanely ambitious.

However, Phil’s loss can also mean the end of his success. Dennis believes that this year we can witness another great surprise and see an absolutely new Olympia champion in the end.

The current situation allows us just to guess what may happen during the 2019 Olympia contest. There are dozens of versions and hundreds of questions. The upcoming competition has a chance to become the most intriguing one in the history of the sport.



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