Saturday, May 8, 2021

Dennis James Tells What He Thinks About Hadi Choopan

Hadi Choopan became one of the hottest Olympia sensations this year. The sportsman managed to surprise everyone, coming to the Olympia and demonstrate his shredded body without any abs fat. Later, the sportsman’s result became another reason to wonder – Hadi became third among the world’s best bodybuilders.

While the sportsman was encouraged to join the biggest Olympia contest years ago, he only managed to get his US visa in 2019 (two weeks before the Olympia). This year Hadi hit the Olympia stage for the first time and his result is definitely great for a debut.

Such a situation couldn’t stay out of view of media and sports experts. The case of Choopan became the most popular topic on bodybuilding forums and chats. There are lots of rumors and talks around the situation. That’s why it’s very useful to listen to someone who can analyze Choopan’s result from the position of a professional.

No doubts, Dennis James has enough expertise for that. The former professional sportsman and one of the most popular bodybuilding experts watched the 2019 Olympia with great attention. Dennis knows the situation from the inside and has what to say about Hadi Choopan and a recent turn in his career.

Dennis prepared a video message to share his professional opinion with the sports fans and to decide which factors helped Choopan to get such an incredible result, competing at the Olympia for the first time.

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