Last year was full of surprises for bodybuilding fans. However, this year some main professional competitions can be even more surprising and unpredictable.

Surely, one of the most awaited events in the bodybuilding world is the Arnold Classic professional contest. There are only a few weeks left till the competition starts and it makes more and more sports experts speak about the upcoming event.

This year Arnold Classic can bring new champions, new faces, and new incredible stories to the history of the sport. Several sports experts have already made a conclusion that 2019 can become a revolutionary time for bodybuilding and for the Arnold Classic event itself.

Dennis James could not miss his chance to speak about the contest as well. The sports guru is always bald and honest, speaking about anything that happens in the sport’s world. James often has very special ideas about the bodybuilding events and those who participate in them.

Dennis told that this year competition was going to be really special and outstanding. James thinks that this is that special event that shall never be missed. And he has a lot of reasons to think so.

Dennis decided to share a video where he tries to answer some of the most trending questions about the upcoming bodybuilding contest. He also tries to predict the results of 2019 Arnold Classic. In addition, Dennis lists reasons for paying great attention to the contest and explains why this year may become the beginning of the new bodybuilding era.

The video is prepared and shared by Fazi Fitness. It has already attracted more than 15 000 viewers and got dozens of comments.



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