Westside Barbell powerlifter Dave Hoff competed in the World Powerlifting Congress WPO Championships over the last weekend. He showed some incredible numbers in this multi-ply meet. Dave showed everyone how strong he was.

Hoff is ranked the top 308lb multi-ply powerlifter in the world currently. He’s held this status since 2017 IPA meet. Now, after his latest meet, Dave remains at the top for the 308lb multi-ply world’s athletes.

Hoff concluded his meet with 2.921lb/1.344kg total and his Wilks Score was 745.2. That Wilks Score brought him second best overall behind 132lb athlete Heidi Howar who hit a Wilks Score of 760.91.

Hoff finished with a 1.234.5lb/560kg squat, which became the best ever in competition to date. It tops his 1.223.5lb/554.7kg squat hit in June this year.

Hoff also finished with an amazing 942.4lb/427.4kg bench press and a 744lb/337.4kg deadlift. Watch his squat below.

Hoff wrote in the description to his Instagram video: “I am pleased with this one. -1,234.6lbs (561KG) Behold! The power of the Flame Beanie!”

By the way, Hoff totaled an incredible 3.014.8lbs/1.367.4kg at the APF Equipped Nationals Meet in June, which was one of his best meets, thanks to which he awarded himself a Mr.3k17 Instagram title.

Hoff is on the top of multi-ply men’s Wilks Score ranks with just 779.38 hit in 2013. How long it will take him to change the ranks?



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