COVID-19 Affects Big Ramy’s Career: “It Is the Second Preparation I Lose Because Of This Virus”

Big Ramy is forced to miss another important contest. The sportsman was tested positive for Covid-19. The bodybuilder feels well. Yet he’s participation in the 2020 Europa Pro Champions has been officially canceled.

Challenging times are not ending for Big Ramy. The sportsman planned an epic return after a year-long break. Yet it looks like COVID-19 is about to ruin Ramy’s plans. The sportsman has missed several important contests due to lockdowns and travel restrictions.

This time when Ramy was 100% ready to hit the stage in Spain, he was diagnosed with COVID-19. The bodybuilder shared the news with his followers on his Instagram. It looks like Ramy has a light form of the disease. He explained to his fans that he felt well and the only typical symptom of the virus is a cough.

Sure, it’s not easy to deny your plans. Especially if there is a ton of hard work behind them. Yet Ramy believes that the health of people around you shall be a priority. The sportsman plans to stay apart from his friends and family for two weeks. Such measures will secure other people from being infected.

While fans of the sportsman are supporting his wise decision, some are also worried whether he’s able to get qualified for the upcoming Olympia contest this year.

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