Coach Of Shawn Rhoden Told That Phil Heath Had Mental Issues

Phil Heath still can’t calm down after his loss at 2018 Olympia. The sportsman took the second place after seven years of victories.

Right after the competition, Heath became upset and depressed. The sports society decided that the sportsman could leave bodybuilding. However, soon after the loss, Phil and his wife published photos and videos that showed the sportsman training hard. Later Phil shared some posts telling he was going to return his throne next year.

Since that time, Phil Heath has criticized the current Olympia champion Shawn Rhoden. Sometimes, Phil has been offensive and rude, speaking about his main opponent.

Shawn Rhoden has not answered any comment with aggression. It looks like he’s completely confident. The sportsman has told he was enjoying his victory and fame he had gotten right after 2018 Olympia.

Rhoden even told that negative words he heard from people before made him work harder and inspired him for getting the first place this year.

However, not everyone from Shawn Rhoden’s team stays calm. It looks like Psycho Fitness a current coach of Shawn Rhoden is really annoyed by comments and offensive messages of Phil Heath.

A few days ago Psycho entered a video call to answer some trending questions related to 2018 Olympia, Shawn’s victory and those events that took place after. He was very emotional talking about Phil Heath and his negative reaction to Rhoden’s victory.

Psycho Fitness told that Phil Heath may have some mental problems and that ‘he will never recover’. He also advised Phil to stop talking as his conversations wouldn’t influence or change the result of this year competition.

The coach looked very angry with the situation. Psycho Fitness has never shown the same level of being aggressive and irritated in his interviews before.



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