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With the advancement in mobile technology and the blessings of Android platform, there are several games developed for the cell phones. Many of them are so addicting that drains all the battery and left the user with no time to spare. Among the several games, Clash Royale is the one of these games. It a fast paced game that focuses on collecting cards and, later on, utilizing these cards to wreak havoc on the opponents. Most of the people associated with mobile gaming had a notion that Clash Royale is an upgrade of Clash of Clans, however, this is not the case. Both the teams are entirely separate while talking about the developers. Besides this certain gamer that had created a high profile in Clash of Clans are planning to migrate their characters on Clash Royale yet this is not possible as both teams are entirely different. But, who knows what happens in near future. It is divided among several roles. In the game shop, one can find a number of cards with the fresh options. The cards are classified into three groups named as Common, Rare, and Epic Troops. The prices of cards are dependent on the amount to be purchased and requirement. Besides this, there are a few gems available in the shop they are used to speed up gaming processes.

Roles in Clash Royale

In Clash Royale players are classified on the basis of ranks and their powers these are as follows.


Those players possessing the power can invite and edit their vicinity. They can become a creator of whole new community and be creator can divide the tasks among the troops of their own choice.


The co-leaders are appointed by the leaders or other co-leaders. They are second in command and possess the full power to manage, create and to edit a community. Besides this, they lack the ability to alter their leader.


Elders are the members that play a role of blood among the clan. They are responsible for the proper functioning of the groups and dealing with the affairs of clans. In addition, to this, they can send and accept the invitations.


They are just the community and don’t play a distinct role other than just being the part of the group. Members can move to the upper rank if a leader or co-leader promotes them. If a leader leaves a Clan without appointing the next leader then co-leader is automatically promoted to the leader. However, if in a clan there is no co-leader then the elder who is in the clan for the longest span is promoted as the leader. If both, co-leader and elder don’t exist then the member with the longest span would be promoted as the leader.

Trash derby tasks

Leader, co-leader, and Elder of a clan can perform trash derby tasks while a member cannot perform Trash derby tasks. Once a Trash derby task is selected yet not chosen then another task appears in a few minutes. Every player in the clan is assigned a specific quota of tasks. These tasks are dependent on the roles and nature of the league.



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