Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Chris Bumstead Told What Stopped Him From Winning 2018 Olympia

Olympia competition is a serious test for everyone. No matter how talented a sportsman is and how great his physical potential is. If there’s no hard work and no serious preparation, the chance to show the excellent result is lost. Not only a desire to spend hours in gym matters, but there are also thousands of factors that may influence one’s shape and results.

Chris Bumstead is a young sportsman. However, his experience and determination often make his competitors worry. Chris took part in Olympia several times, competing for gold in Classic Physique category. Sports experts have already noticed the great talent of the sportsman, calling Chris the rising start of bodybuilding.

This year Bumstead became the second in his category. The result is still impressive. However, the sportsman’s fans and judges of the competition noticed a strange detail. This time Chris was less confident and appeared not as prepared as before. Counting previous performances of Bumstead, it was hard to believe that the sportsman lost his charisma because of being worried or stressed.

Fans of the sportsman were interested in the reason that made the sportsman behave strangely. Bumstead kept silent for several days, ignoring questions that his fans asked him in his Instagram. However, recently the bodybuilder explained the situation. Just a few weeks before the competition Bumstead started to feel week. The sportsman kept training until he was hospitalized four weeks before Olympia. Doctors diagnosed a kind of autoimmune disease and restricted Bumstead from hard training and severe diet. The bodybuilder spent a week in a hospital, taking medication and eating almost nothing.

Chris Bumstead had to slow his training down, however, didn’t stop his preparation and didn’t deny an idea of taking part in 2018 Olympia.

The sportsman’s disease is not predictable. It can start to progress keeping this brilliant sportsman far from the desired victory. However, in the case his disease won’t progress, there are high chances Bumstead will become the new champion in 2019.

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