Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Bumstead is ready to fight

Olympia 2018 is just three weeks ahead and the Classic Physique division is surely worthy to watch! The rest of the divisions are represented by the respective champions. However, the Classic Physique is pretty new. So, almost anyone has a chance to beat the champion Breon Ansley. Chris Bumstead is one of those young athletes fighting against Ansley in the year 2017.

Now, it is very clear that Chris is going to prove everyone that he is ready to deal with Breon Ansley. Both of these strong guys desire to become champions. Nevertheless, just one of them can be a winner. So who is going to be the loser?

Chris Bumstead seems to do everything necessary to outclass the division this year, which is only proved by his Instagram posts.

Ansley is not going to be satisfied with just participation and seeks for the victory, too. As well as his new rival, he shows a great shape to the world and is training young bodybuilders at Oxygen Gym in Kuwait.


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