Thursday, February 20, 2020

Breon Ansley Showed How He Looked At His Very First Pro Classic Show

Breon Ansley is definitely one of the brightest and the most interesting characters of today’s Classic Physique division. Having incredible inborn charisma, upgraded posing skills, and a great aesthetic body, he has high chances to become a bodybuilding legend in the future. 

Ansley has already won the main prize last year and has all the chances to become champion in the nearest future. While the throne of the Classic Physique division is taken by the main Breon’s opponent Chris Bumstead, he’s only a half step apart from the champion’s level.

With all Breon’s popularity and an army of fans, it’s easy to forget that the sportsman is very new at the stage. Most of Ansley’s competitors had to spend years to stand next to him, while the ex-champion only needed 3 years to get from his first professional show to his current position. That’s simply unbelievable!

To bring some great memories back, Breon posted a collage of his old photo and his recent picture. No doubt, Ansley came to the pro league with an impressive body, however, what is even more impressive is the progress and great transformation that brought him to the top. It would be interesting to know if he used supplements that got him ripped

Looking at pictures like that is a great motivation, as you can clearly see how much work stands behind each great bodybuilding career. Will the hard-working bodybuilder win the contest next year? That’s a big question. Nevertheless, having such a will and motivation, he will definitely stay on the top.


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