Monday, May 16, 2022

Brandon Curry Demonstrates an Excellent Shape a Week After 2018 Olympia

Brandon Curry has never been Olympia winner. Moreover, this sportsman hasn’t managed to enter even top-three of the competition participants. However, he has an army of fans and great popularity.

Brandon entered the competition in 2011 and finished it with the 8th result. Curry became a rare example of a newbie becoming one among ten best 2011 Olympia sportsmen. Moreover, the bodybuilder was one of the youngest men entering Olympia.

Sports critics noticed the newcomer and predicted his great future in bodybuilding. Unfortunately, their prognosis was in question a year after, when Curry couldn’t enter Olympia.

He managed to return on the competition stage in 2013 only. That year his comeback became a great surprise again. This time he took 16th place. The sportsman’s fans were disappointed. It was visible that his loss was very painful to him. Brandon repeated his result in 2015 and 2016. He was 16th again.

However, when most sports critics said that best years of Curry were in the past. He made sports society wonder again. Last year the sportsman showed 8th result during 2017 Olympia. It was a really great improvement made by a year of work only.

Brandon Curry continued his victorious transformation. This year we witnessed great improvement of this young sportsman. He took 5th place, making top competitors worry. If he continues the same way, he has all chances to become a winner of Olympia in a couple of years.

Brandon Curry attracted lots of attention after 2018 Olympia. Recently he was invited to Muscle Contest 2018 competition as a guest. There he demonstrated his great shape, what became a reason of loud applause. Many sportsmen that were present during the event, told that the experience of Brandon Curry was a great inspiration to them.

If you still believe that bodybuilders lose their shape days after a competition, you shall watch the video of Curry’s posing.

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