Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Brad Castleberry Uses True Weights?

The “king of the fake weights” Brad Castleberry became a social media sensation. After his indifferent career in powerlifting and bodybuilding, Brad tried to find his place in social media.

All the gym attendants post their videos of lifting a crazy amount of weight topless. Everyone was wondering how this ex-football player can pull almost world record numbers and still doesn’t compete?

They think the weights are fake. Officially, it hasn’t been proven; however, each experienced lifter noticed that his feats of strength do not add up.

For that reason, Brad decided to give his “proofs” on YouTube that he is a real man. Brad Castleberry released a series of videos to show he is right. What did he do? He weighed the weights on a scale to prove the lift is real. He never edited videos.

Are those just haters who have doubts?

Let’s see some of his famous lifts and his newest lifts.


Brad is very strong and huge to try himself on each equipment in the gym. He recreates one of his most famous 7 plates deadlift (675lbs). Now you can make sure these are 100% real weights. However, his older deadlift seems a bit more to be true. In his first video, Brad deadlifts 675lbs with a spotter. After that, he shows the video of him deadlifting 8 plates with two men spotting him. So, the max deadlift is the same as it was in 2007. Is he horrible in lifting weights? You can see really well in this 2018 video how he is grinding out the weight meaning this is the absolute maximum. But that’s the same weight he showed at least 10 years ago. Did he improve his skills for 11 years at all?

Bench Press

Brad can be seen on the video doing 405lbs close grip bench press. The video doesn’t seem to be edited, everything is good.

However, in his 2014 video Castleberry does the same weight and in the same gym. He even doesn’t wear any belts or self-hype ups. It looks like he’s getting weaker with each year.


Here Brad does 675lbs on the squat with a belt. This amount of weight is really huge. However, for the last time, he showed his great squat in 2014 with 765lbs. If it is real, he would make the current raw world record in a 242lbs weight class under USPA drug tested rules.

Even professional powerlifters hardly put up with that weight. So draw your own conclusions!


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