Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Big Ramy Revealed His Real Weight

Big Ramy is facing a very special period in his life and all the sports fans are watching him with interest. After a painful loss at the last year Olympia contest, the sportsman changed almost everything in his training approach; he signed a contract with a new sports club and a trainer and told he was going to look very different at the 2019 contest.

Ramy is known for being one of the biggest Olympia participants. He always looks impressively huge at the stage. However, he often forgets that being massive is still not everything that is needed to win.

After a number of changes, sportsman’s fans expect to see him leaner and more shredded than before. Previously, the sportsman posted some of his photos where he looked unusually small. While some of his fans decided it was a part of a plan, others got worried, supposing that Ramy stopped training.

The news about the bodybuilder’s recent injury added oil to the fire, making people speak about the possible end of Ramy’s career. The sportsman, who tried not to reveal much of his plan, was simply forced to stop being a dark horse and to explain the situation.

First of all, Ramy denied the news about having a serious injury. In fact, Ramy got a trauma, however, it was not serious and could not lead to any significant problems or break in his training. In addition, Ramy also decided to prove his fans he is not getting smaller as many people say.

The sportsman shared a photo of himself standing on the scales. Due to the numbers on the scales, his current weight is around 143 kg and he is still one of the biggest participants this year.

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