Friday, April 16, 2021

Big Ramy Posted an ‘Apology’ Message to His Fans

2018 Mr. Olympia was a real disappointment for fans of Big Ramy. This year Ramy had a great chance to take leadership and to dethrone his main opponent Phil Heath.

During a meeting that was held before main bodybuilding event, Big Ramy reported he’s coming in at 310 Lbs and is about to win in his category. Experts evaluated Ramy’s chances to win as very high, predicting harsh and intriguing competition between the two sportsmen.

The result was different than the expectations. Big Ramy, indeed, was in a good shape. However, he was visibly weaker than Phil Heath. Fans noticed a great gap between Ramy and the champion of this year Olympia.

A few days after a competition, Big Ramy published a message to his Instagram followers, telling how upset he is to disappoint his fans, The sportsman also told he worked really hard and it was difficult to prepare for competition and to stand against best world’s bodybuilders. Big Ramy is not planning to finish his career, no matter how painful his loss was. He promised to work even harder to gain better results till next competition.

This emotional post became an only evidence of Big Ramy taking his loss so seriously. The sportsmen demonstrated a great self-control on stage and looked totally calm, finding out he’s not gonna be a winner this year.

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