Big Ramy Plans His Return! Sportsman Prepares to Fight for 2020 Olympia Crown

Big Ramy is still one of the top ten popular bodybuilders. He recently reported that he would not take part in the 2020 Olympia due to the pandemic. The news upset thousands of his fans. Yet after the latest Big Ramy’s message, there’s hope to see him back soon.

A few years ago Big Ramy faced his great professional crisis. In 2018 he took 5th place after being second a year before. That was a great shock for the sportsman. Such an event made him change his life and training approach. Ramy also decided to take a one-year break. He missed all the great contests in 2019.

Yet Ramy’s great 2020 return is at risk of cancellation. The world health crisis made it super difficult for Egyptian bodybuilder to follow his plan. Previously Big Ramy said that he was forced to miss this year’s Olympia due to the negative consequences of the pandemic.

Closed borders stop Ramy from traveling and taking part in most bodybuilding events. No clear prognosis makes the situation even more depressing. Yet there’s nothing impossible if you have a strong desire to move on. Big Ramy decided to get qualified for the Olympia no matter what.

Due to his recent post, the sportsman is starting his pre-competing preparation. Ramy’s plan is to jump into any available contest. This is necessary for further qualifications. Being ready to compete when you know no date or place of a contest is challenging. Yet this may be his only chance to fight for the crown this year.

 There’s still a big question of whether Ramy manages to come to Olympia in 2020 or not. Yet his spirit gives his fans hope to see him on the greatest bodybuilding stage soon.

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