Saturday, July 24, 2021

Big Ramy Looks Totally Ready For 2019 Olympia

2019 Olympia is already close and it’s a great reason to think about the possible winner of this year contest. While most people discuss the future competition between the current champion Shawn Rhoden and ex-champion Phil Heath, it wouldn’t be wise to forget about one of their most dangerous competitors Big Ramy.

Big Ramy stays one of the most discussed 2019 Olympia bodybuilders this year, however, he’s also one of the most intriguing ones. Ramy is not in a hurry to reveal the way he looks, his plans or his expectations about the upcoming Olympia competition, while many other participants do it quite often.

The sportsman has undergone some great changes, signing a contract with a new gym and a coach and moving to another country. Moreover, Big Ramy told that he had changed his training approach and he was ready to present his upgraded body on the Olympia stage.

However, there are too many things that the sportsman keeps in secret and it makes all of us very intrigued, guessing how Big Ramy looks now and which result he will get at the contest.

While the sport’s fans are trying to find any information about the current situation of Big Ramy, Fazi Fitness has gathered some of his latest photos and videos to demonstrate the recent changes that happened in the sportsman’s body and also to reveal how Big Ramy prepares for the upcoming Olympia contest.

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