Big Ramy used to be one of the greatest bodybuilders just a few years ago. Massive muscles, great proportions, and a very special charisma of the sportsman used to make him only a step apart from being a champion.

However, last year something went wrong and Ramy finished the contest being on the fifth place. It’s a very painful loss for someone who expected to win the Olympia throne. Ramy had two options: to leave the sport deciding that his best times were already in the past or to prepare for changes and to make his body closer to the current bodybuilding standards.

Ramy chose the most difficult way and it looks like that was the right decision. The sportsman changed almost everything in his training routine, starting from finding a new team, a sports club, and a coach. He lost some weight to look less massive, more lean and shredded. Ramy told he even changed the training strategy and his eating habits.

Some sports experts told that such an insane desire to change everything could be a result of Ramy’s depression and disappointment after his loss. However, the time showed that Ramy’s strategy was something more than nan emotional decision.

Soon after signing a contract with his new trainer, Ramy demonstrated some great changes in his body. Fans of the muscle monster were shocked by the fact his muscles looked smaller. Some people thought that the new training strategy could only lead to worse results and, finally, to the end of Ramy’s career.

However, now the situation seems to be absolutely different. Big Ramy shared a few photos that showed him looking really impressive and strong. Many fans told that now Ramy looks much better than a year ago.

It’s hard to say whether Big Ramy will manage to become next Mr. Olympia this year. The competition is going to be too harsh and we can expect simply anything. However, there’s a fact that is already clear: it will be very interesting to see Big Ramy on the Olympia stage this year and to evaluate his great improvement.


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