Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Big Ramy Answered Those Who Say He Stopped Training

Not only a great victory can bring great popularity. Sometimes one painful loss can make a successful sportsman more popular than years of hard work.

Big Ramy is one of the most interesting and spectacular Olympia contestants: incredibly huge body, very special charisma, and excellent posing skills. Is there something else needed for the victory?

Ramy has got everything to win the race, however, he is still not the number one. Moreover, the sportsman managed to get fifth place only after having second one in 2017. That became a serious shock for the sportsman and the reason to upgrade his training strategy.

Soon after the contest, Big Ramy changed much in his training routine, starting from moving to another country and ending up with including innovative exercises in his program.

A couple of years ago the sports experts criticized Big Ramy for being too massive. Perhaps, now Ramy decided to listen to the advice and to become more lean and shredded. In any case, this year Big Ramy is smaller than ever before since the start of his professional career.

While some people have explained Ramy’s transformation with a desire to present his renewed physique on the Olympia stage this year. Others think that Big Ramy keeps losing weight just because he stopped training.

The last version appeared attractive to many people. The bodybuilder’s fans started to send him thousands of questions, trying to find out whether the Egyptian bodybuilder will take part in this year contest.

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