Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Antoine Vaillant Told How He Managed To Overcome Drug Addiction

Looking at the most popular bodybuilding contestants, we see beautiful people with great bodies and smiling faces. They look so strong and confident, standing there on the stage, that one can hardly imagine they are only humans like those who we see every day on the neighborhood. Surely, they have their fears, weaknesses, and a couple of skeletons in their closets.

Antoine Vaillant is known worldwide. People think he has anything he wants, including fame, success, money. However, there’s something less colorful left behind the sportsman’s photos and stage performances. He used to take drugs and became drug addicted years before.

We all associate sports with a healthy lifestyle and a strict ban on any bad habits like cigarettes, alcohol, and drugs. However, professional sport is always connected to hard work, great stress, and burnouts. No wonder, that looking for a mean to reduce the level of emotional stress, sportsmen can easily get into a drug or alcohol trap.

Different addictions can be a serious obstacle on the way to to the top in one’s career. It can destroy everything and push you down far from things you really want. That’s why raising this topic is important. Someone’s experience in overcoming drug or alcohol addiction can give other people a clue on how to start fighting your bad habits and making life better.

Antoine Vaillant doesn’t afraid to speak about his negative experience with drugs. Surely, this topic is not easy for him, however, now, years after he managed to come back to normal life without drugs, he is ready to share his memories with his fans.

Antoine thinks his story is not only interesting but can also be useful for many people who suffer from drug addiction or think about trying drugs. He believes that professional sportsmen shall speak more about this without any fears to look imperfect.

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