Akim Williams Can Become Another Ronnie Coleman

There are a lot of good bodybuilders and, surely, there are a lot of champions. However, not each champion will become an important part of history as Ronnie Coleman managed to do.

Coleman stopped competing years ago, but he stays being an idol, an inspiration, and a role model for several generations of bodybuilders. No matter how many years will pass after the last time Ronnie was seen on the Olympia stage, people will always remember him and will take him as an example.

Ronnie is a unique person with supernatural physical power and an incredibly strong will. He is a real genius of the sports world. No doubts, it’s very difficult to find another person with the same great potential as Coleman had. However, ‘difficult’ is not equal to ‘impossible’.

Sports experts say that Akim Williams has high chances to become the next legend and another Ronnie Coleman in the world of bodybuilding. Sure, Akim is less popular and far not as successful as Coleman was when he was competing. However, Williams has insane physical power, just like Ronnie used to have before.

Williams stays one of the strongest bodybuilders in the world and he keeps developing his power. The experts say that he can simply use these opportunities to build an incredible body using Ronnie’s strategy.

If Williams manages to develop a great mindset and a strong plan, he will be able to become another bodybuilding idol. However, this may become the most difficult part on the way to success. In any case, Akim Williams is now the character that is worth attention of the sport’s society.


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