What does play the main role in achieving sports goals? Some may say that physical power is the most important for a sportsman and that won’t be correct. Sooner or later, physical resources will be exhausted and only a great motivation and high spirit will make a person keep going to an aim.

Some sportsmen are motivated by an opportunity to get great salaries in the case they are successful in their sport. Others do impossible things to make their haters shut up. There are people who are ready to work hard to make their family proud and there are those who are ready to do anything to become famous. However, there are also people whose faith gives them power.

Ahmad Ashkanani told that his religion is that important thing that kept him motivated and inspired always. He believes that his faith helped him to reach great success in the 212 Division. Ahmad has managed to organize his everyday life and training routine in accordance with religious precepts. Being a Muslim, Ashkanani combines praying and fasting with his hard training, sports diet, and preparation for professional competitions without any harm to both sides of his life.

Ahmad Ashkanani teaches people that their beliefs can never be an obstacle on the way to their goals. He has become an inspiration for many believers including not only Muslims but also people of different religions.

Recently Ahmad shared a photo of visiting Mecca that is the sacred place for Islam. Some of his fans congratulated him with that important event in his life. While others concentrated on his impressive physique, complimenting the sportsman of staying fit even weeks after the competition.


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