280 Lbs is the New Aim Of Phil Heath

You can hardly find a bodybuilder who had more unlucky year than Phil Heath did. 2018 turned out to be a real nightmare to the sportsman. He lost his champion title, faced some health issues, underwent hernia surgery.

There were moments when sports experts told he was about to finish his career. Only a few weeks ago some insiders told that Phil thought about making a break for a year. All these things made sports society believe Phil Heath was depressed and embarrassed. His fans were worried not to see him again competing on the Olympia stage.

However, it looks like Phil is stronger than many people used to think. Now the sportsman seems to be an unstoppable person. He has already shared several videos where he assured his fans that he was coming back and was not going to give up.

This time Phil cheered his fans and followers up telling that he is having a great physique and is ready to make it even better. The bodybuilder told his current aim was 280 lbs and he was not going to stop until it’s reached.

To prove his words Phil has posted some fresh photos where he looks massive and shredded. No doubts, he managed to make his body look great and very impressive. Sports experts have quickly noticed the improvements and predicted that we could see Phil Heath being even stronger than ever before.

2019 Olympia is going to be one of the most intriguing competitions in the history of the sport. Phil Heath works hard to return his champion title, however, he is going to have a lot of strong opponents, including the current Olympia king Shawn Rhoden and very motivated Big Ramy who is ready to struggle for one of the leading places in the contest.

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