Regan Grimes knows how to surprise his fans. The sportsman started his career competing in Open Weight division and managed to reach stable success. However, Regan decided he could show better results as a Classic Physique bodybuilder.

Last year Regan took part in the Olympia contest, presenting the Classic Physique division. No doubts, the bodybuilder looked great. However, he was far from being the best on the stage. Regan Grimes managed to become 8th in the 2018 Olympia contest. The result was quite unexpected for Regan.

This experience is another proof that being a successful Classic Physique bodybuilder is not easier than being a leading Open Weight competitor. Regan Told he was disappointed with the result, however, he was also happy to have such a lesson that showed him where his place was.

Regan’s loss illustrated that his features are better for Open Weight division and he was more likely to get success there. That’s why this year Regan is not planning for any experiments anymore.

The sportsman posted some fresh photos where he looks very massive. No doubts, such physique is only proper for an Open Weight bodybuilder. Many Grime’s fans liked his idea to come back to Open bodybuilding and supported Regan’s decision.

This year Grimes looks more ambitious and motivated than ever before. Soon, we will be able to see whether last year experiment of the sportsman inspired him for harder work and better results.


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