2019 Europa Dallas Results

Men’s 212 Results

1. Hidetada Yamagishi
2. Mahmood Al Durrah
3. Santiago Aragon
4. Jose Reyes
5. Edward Papiro
6. Alex Dos Anjos
7. Samir Troudi
8. Marian Cambal
9. Marco Cardona
10. Caleb Blanchard
11. Jared Kemp
12. Lorenzo Jones
13. Gabriel Cortez
14. Tom Trilivas

Figure Results

1. Sandra Grajales
2. Tiffani Lapoint
3. Ashley Jones
4. Karen Noorlun
5. Danielle Rose
6. Tina Nguyen
7. TOnya Wheatfall
8. Avis Evans
9. Osiris Trumpe
10. Nicole Zenobia
11. Susan Clark
12. Elvera Jenkins
13. Angie Lemay
14. Sandra Christian
15. Kandace Kuhnle
16. Brittany Rice
16. Carisa Wherry
16. Danielle Kifer
16. Loren Wilkens

Wheelchair Results

1. Harold Kelley
2. ANtoni Khandraoui
3. Bradley Betts

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