With his latest performance on Saturday, powerlifter Andrew Hause entered the powerlifting history. He became the youngest athlete to total over 1.000kg in knee wraps at the RPS Braggin’ Rights powerlifting meet in Greenville, North Carolina.

Andrew finished his performance with a 2.210lb./1.002.5kg total at his young age of 20.

Young powerlifter competed in 275 lb. weight class and surpassed the 1.000kg/2.204lb.+ milestone.

Luke Richardson, the British 120kg + powerlifter, totaled a monstrous 1.000kg/2.204lbs at the Junior Mens Classic British Championships on October. He was 21 at the time and edged out the accomplishment of Eric Lilliebridge who totaled over 1.000kg/2.204lbs at the age of 22. However, all these three feats were performed under different competition criteria.

As to squat, Hause had a second attempt of 407.5kg/898lb and missed his third 420kg/926lb attempt due to depth. He went 3/3 on the bench pressed and finished with a 225kg/496lb third attempt.

For the deadlift, Hause opened with a 330kg/727lb deadlift and made an easy 350kg/771lb second attempt. He made another easy final attempt and loaded the bar with 370kg/815lbs.

Watch his fourth attempt deadlift of 377.5kg/832lbs, which didn’t count towards his total.


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