We all know that European football aka soccer is considered by many to be the most popular sport out there. It has millions if not billions of fans. People will buy tickets, they will go down to the games, they will cheer for their favorite team and of course their favorite players.

Of course, all those players have actually given a reason to people, to love them so much. Their impeccable skills along with the remarkable performance in every game are the reason for some of the highest salaries of all times. By many, those players are considered idols. Men want to be them, women want to be with them and young boys want to become them. They truly are incredible athletes and many believe that they really are worthy of the money they are receiving on a yearly basis.

Whether it is from one particular team every year or from getting transferred to different teams, these are the most well-paid soccer players for 2017:

List of 10 Highest Paid Soccer Players:

Cesc Fabregas

Starting off, our number 10 is Cesc Fabregas with an estimated yearly salary of $21 million. Spanish by birth, midfielder he transferred from Barcelona FC to Chelsea in 2014 signing a five-year contract. It is important to note that, right after he moved to Chelsea the team won the Premier league.

Eden Hazard

Our number 9 is Eden Hazard. His salary is a total of $22 million per year. Hazard was born in Belgium and is also playing the Chelsea since January 2015. Along with his commercial deals with some very well-known companies he has rightfully earned the ninth place in this contest.

Luis Suárez

Next, we have Luis Suárez with an estimated salary of $23 million. Suarez is considered to be one of the most controversial footballers out there. He’s a Barcelona star footballer and he was the top scorer for the 2015 Spanish league. Also a player with a lot of deals for commercials from well-known companies.

Sergio Aguero

Our 7th player is Sergio Aguero. His salary is a good $24 million. His finishing goals and scoring attitudes are a reason for many people to talk. Currently, in Manchester City, he’s considered to be one of the most valuable players and therefore was given a really good contract. Some of his most well-known commercials are Pepsi, Gillette and of course, Puma.

Wayne Rooney

Our 6th position is Wayne Rooney with a salary of $26 million. Although Rooney is considered by many to be a really aggressive player, people still love him and of course, Manchester United is not going to easily let go. After all, his commercial deals involve Nike and Samsung. He’s not a player but somebody would want to lose.

Gareth Bale

Coming up in the 5th position is Gareth Bale with a salary of $34 million. A really large different from our previous five players. Bale has expected Real Madrid in 2013 and is considered to be one of the most valuable players of the team. Also a player with a lot of deals with well-known companies for commercials.

Neymar Jr.

Our number 4th is a young rising star, Neymar Jr. He’s earning $36 million per year. Currently, a Barcelona player, the Brazilian footballer is a true rising star. His major sponsors at the moment our Nike L’Oreal, Panasonic, Castrol and Volkswagen. He has appeared on numerous campaigns and after 2013 he has watched his career reach the stars.

The Top Three

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

For our 3rd choice Zlatan Ibrahimovic with a salary of $37 million. Another Manchester United golden boy, the Swedish footballer is presented as one of the strongest soccer players out there. He was given the player of the year 2013 award for PSG with a total of 30 goals in one season.

Lionel Messi

Moving on to another two we have Lionel Messi. His salary reaches $77 million per year born in a country that gave multiple remarkable players, the Argentinian is ranked second in the world’s most expensive soccer players for 2016. Barcelona made a great choice since, out of the $672 million profit a year, 154 come from this player.

The Most Highest Paid Soccer valuable player for 2016:

And finally, our number one choice is Cristiano Ronaldo with a salary of $82 million per year. Ronaldo is considered to be the highest paid soccer player and a true football star. The entire world is talking about him. Social media are going crazy and this can only mean good things for Real Madrid since the team is becoming richer and richer because of him.

Cristiano Ronaldo

All of these players above are considered to be true icons. Remarkable athletes and truly motivating people. It is worth noting that, they have all given enough hours as well as money on charity to make sure that they will help those who are less fortunate. These men are truly people that we will want our kids to look up to. They have bright careers in front of them and they will continue to play amazing football for our pleasure.