Felicty Jones
Felicity Jones

Felicity Jones is the new trend nowadays. She is the one true inspiration for all. With her continuous hard work and attempts, she is now able to maintain a reputation in the film industry. Since childhood, she has proved herself to be a star. With her utmost efforts, she is now at a very high place. She owns her status genuinely.Felicity Jones

Felicity Jones is an English actress. She started her career very early in life. That is why she is an inspiration for all. She started her career in 1996 appearing as a character in The Treasure Seekers. She was just 12 when she entered this industry. It was her efforts that helped her pave this steep pavement. She worked to achieve the highest rank in the industry. Her present condition is the true depiction of what she is capable of. She has lots more to cover in her life ahead. In conclusion, she proved to be very versatile and talented.

Felicity Jones is a girl with a normal family background.

Felicity Jones wasn’t a girl who had a strong family background. Her mother worked for advertising and her father was a journalist. They encouraged her to accept the role. Because of tehir support she was able to start at such an early age.

She started her movie career in 2008. Brideshead Revisited proved to be her first film. Because of her unmatchable skills of acting now only at the age of 33, she is listed in one of the most versatile actresses in the industry.

Felicity Jones the future black cat in The Amazing Spiderman 2.


Felicity Jones has always been craving for interesting roles. Looking forward to The Amazing Spiderman 2 here is another amazing character she is going to play. The role of Black Cat is so apt for Felicity Jones. She would be playing Goblin’s Girlfriend. In many interviews, she said that she is not in a proper relationship with him but there is a flirty touch all the way. The character is also named Felicia Hardy. This was an end time change made in the script. Felicity Jones will prove to be the first female antagonist. Her role with this character is a bit negative.But it will surely attract the viewers towards them.

Talking about the character Felicia Hardy, she is a sound and wealthy girl. But her family has a dark secret. She seems to follow the footsteps of her father who tends to play the culprit here. She trained herself and finally, she became an official thief. This seems to be an evil role but due to her skills, she will truly attract the viewers towards this role. She looks nearly perfect in this role playing the evil part against Spiderman. At the end, the Felicia will turn normal as narrated by the revealed script.

Felicity Jones has been a part of series of movies showing her talent.

After starting her career from The Treasure Seekers Felicity Jones started her career in movies. She ahs a list of super hits which make her a successful actress worldwide. Among the super hits, there are Inferno, The theory of everything, A monster calls, Like Crazy, The amazing spiderman 2, The Invisible Woman and much more. These are the names of the recent hits she has given to the industry. Hence, concluded that she is one of her own kind. With her excellent skills, she nailed in all of these movies.

Making the list of the old ones there are the names including Hysteria, Northanger Abbey, Collide, Cemetry Junction, Julie, and Julia. She has been a tremendous actress in all the roles. In conclusion, she owes this industry a lot.

Her recent hit Rouge 1 directed by Gareth Edwards she just slew the screen. The film was released in December 2016. It was a big hit for the year. This film got a good rating and is a part of the film series. Felicity Jones ahs played this scientific role in a very well way.

The movie Inferno directed by Ron Howard was also a major lead in the year by Felicity Jones. The movie followed the clues of the great poet Dante. It was a very different role than the Rouge 1 but she still managed it. This screenplay showed her versatility.

Most of all the movie which hit through the year was The amazing spiderman 2. The movie directed by Marc Webb also give a unique role to Felicity Jones. She played the character of Thief. this movie added a new character to her career.

Felicity Jones has been tremendous at her photo shot for promotions and magazines.

Taking into account her efforts regarding gallery again she is here to surprise her. With her captivating looks, she has always made the best cover for magazines and albums. Her different way of carrying clothes and accessories ake her successful in front of cameras.

She has been viral on the social media in many photo shots. She slew in a black dress at the Costume Institute gala. It was a very pretty dress which she carried very elegantly. Another picture which became viral was at the Three Empire Awards. The dress was also very elegant and the picture got many views. She was also wearing black at Vanity Fair Oscar Party.

Movie posters for Rogue One and behind the scene photos were also very captivating.

Felicity Jones would be playing the black cat in spider man movies.

The role played by Felicity Jones in The Amazing Spiderman 2 was a great lead.  Now the trend is that she will be playing the role of the Black Cat in the Spider-Man movies. This role will also be very interesting. The news is not confirmed. She is saying little in her interviews because maybe she is not allowed to do so. Or may be there is a chance that there is nothing to say. People are following different social media sites to know about the upcoming roles of the Felicity Jones. Due to her main role in The Amazing Spiderman 2, she is now showing interest in Spider-Man movies. The time will tell whether she will be on screen in Spiderman movies.

Black Cat the character only in comics, for now, is a very epic role. Felicity Jones commented on that she will love to play this role. But she hadn’t revealed anything regarding her casting for this role.

Felicity Jones nomination for Oscar is also a clue for her upcoming success.

As per nomination of Felicity Jones for the Oscar casting her for the role of Balck Cat will be a good movie for Sony. She ahs been repeating the statement that she has no such news but she will love to play this role in the upcoming Spiderman movies.

Felicity Jones the main actress in Rogue One.


Felicity Jones has played a tremendous role in the recent release Rogue One. She has shown her skills in this movie. The news buzzing around is that she has a sequel option. She has been approached to be cast in the sequel of star war movies. Although the press ahs said that there will be no sequel for this movie as it has a tidy ending already. Many news agencies have been breaking in that there will be no sequel. Jones has been telling that there is a room for a sequel as well.

Felicity Jones 33 years old Libra as the zodiac sign.

Felicity Jones started her career long time  ago when she was only 12. Due to the encouragement of her parents, she was able to start over at such an age.  She grew up as an actress. She is now 33 only and has a lot to do go for. In this span of life, she has paved many milestones. She is now getting roles in many leading movies. She has built up her career from the start. Felicity Jones has just has taken age as a number and proved it very well. When she started over she was just a kid. But her determination towards her career was enough to bear down all the barriers.

Felicity Jones was born on 17th October 1983. She is Libra by her zodiac sign. In a very little time, she has becomes very prominent in the industry. Now being of 33 she has enough time to cope up with the upcoming challenges.

Felicity Jones has a high IMDb rating for all her projects.

IMDb rates all the films and seasons in the Hollywood. For all the projects of Felicity Jones, there is a good rating from IMDb. Starting from “Inferno”  it had a rating of 6.2. Moving on towards Rogue One it had a rating of 7.9. Then towards The Amazing Spiderman 2, the rating is 6.7.

These ratings are very important as they determine the public response to films and seasons. They mention the accountability of the films. These ratings mainly depend upon the response of the viewers. On average Felicity has a good general response on all her projects. Viewers like her performance very much. It is all because of her versatility. In one movie she is playing a role near to fiction and in next, she is the girlfriend of the main villain. Such jumping of characters.

Relationship of Charles Guard and Felicity Jones.


Felicity Jones the star of the lately released film Rogue One, was the center of attraction at the event of Woman of the year awards on Tuesday. She was wearing black and carrying her outfit as perfectly as she can. It was listed that the dress was Christian Dior ready to wear collection. Due to her classy style and ability to carry the dress she was all in glamor. The main highlight of that event was the diamond ring Felicity Jones was wearing on her finger. There have been rumors that she has been in a relationship with Charles Guard. The news came to be that Felicity has accepted Guard’s proposal and now they are engaged. As asked by a journalist Felicity ignored it and refused to comment on her relationship with Charles.

Felicity Jones gets a photo in National Portrait Gallery.

This is one of the biggest achievement Felicity Jones can have. She has been listed to have a photo in this National Gallery. It is a moment of honor for her. This is all because of her hard work since childhood. The photograph which is going to be displayed was taken by Laura Pannack. It is a milestone in Felicity Jones career. Felicity is also very keen regarding her display. It is verily a big achievement.

Felicity Jones has a net worth of $6 million.

Felicity Jones has an average net of $6 million. She ahs been playing major roles in Rogue one and the Archers. She has also been a major lead in The worst witch TV series. It is a very good and acceptable net worth which Felicity Jones is scoring. It is all due to her consistent performance and never ending work. She has many fans on social media making her an actress worth watching. With her amazing style and class, she is the new boss in the industry.

Felicity Jones has 35709 facebook likes.

This actress has her own style. She is very popular among the youngsters. She is all over the social media gaining lots of likes which make her very in on the social media.

Felicity Jones is high on Twitter.

Felicity Jones has many fan accounts on Twitter following her. Due to her unique and interesting roles, she is mainly followed by youngsters. They keep updated on her upcoming roles and activities. She is making it quite well on social sites. Felicity is gaining popularity day by day.

Jones as an Academy Award nominee.

She has been am Oscar nominee in 2015. It as all because of her excellent performance. She has been nominated for best actress in a leading role for the film The Theory of Everything.

Felicity Jones; the winner of many awards.

She has a brilliant career until now. She has been nominated for many awards and is also able to win many of them. It is her way of acting that ahs make her work through here.  Felicity has been nominated for Empire Awards UK for three years. Jones won the best newcomer award in 2011 for the film Like Crazy. She also won the Empire Award for best actress for her film Rogue one which is a major hit of 2016. She has also won Hollywood film awards for Like Crazy. There is a list of her achievements. She also won the award at Sundance Film Festival. For the movie The Theory of Everything she also won the woman films critics circle awards.

Felicity Jones has mentioned in many interviews that she is very curious about her roles. She wants her roles to be effective enough. As a consequence, she has a list of visuals in which she is playing differently than her personality. In her recent interview, she has admitted that she wants her roles to be very unique. They can be like evil and snake. Which make her different from other characters. She does not want herself to be a typical actress.

Archers- a very unusual state for Felicity.

People have known Felicity Jones for the screen roles she plays. It is a very surprising situation that Felicity has been a part f radio soap show “The Archers” for 10 years. This is another point which adds to the versatility of her character. She is not only committed to one platform but she keeps on trying the new struggles. She has a lot more to go for which makes her worth an appreciation.

Felicity Jones with her perfect sense of dressing.

Felicity is the woman with class. She has never failed to look stunning on the events. With every event she has appeared she has her own way of surprising others. She has a style. Her way of carrying the outfit is unmatchable. Whether she is wearing black or blue she makes to near to perfection. In all the red carpets she has attended she has always nailed it with her charm and glamor.

Felicity Jones the face of Dolce and Gabbana.


Due to her outclass look and fashion sense she has been featuring for many brands. One of the main is D&G. It is one of the most carried brands in the fashion industry. She remained the front face of D&G in 2012. It was all due to her fashion sense and way of carrying her accessories. Beauty comes with class and Felicity Jones has never disappointed her fans in the frame of class.

Felicity Jones the student of Oxford University.

Here is another surprising fact about her. She had received an English degree Wadham College which is an apart of world famous University, The Oxford University.  Studying this was a last minute decision for her. She was very close to study law at that time. This adds more to her character. She proves to be a wonder woman with her guts and glory. She has made this far.