WWE Steroids

Throughout the years the WWE and Steroids have gone together like fish and chips, or a burger and fries. (Yeah I couldn’t think of a better comparison ) But jokes aside, am I the only one out there who doesn’t have a problem with this?

When I go to see guys at the WWE, I want to see guys at least as big as me, and when I was a kid, guys who were HUGE.

You see guys like the Ultimate Warrior, Hulk Hogan, HHH, Brock Lesnar, they are larger than life athletes. They are huge, dominant, they look great and they have that “star feel.” A lot of the new guys now simply don’t and I think that’s down to 2 things.

1 The way this generation has changed, it’s no longer about looking as big and intimidating as humanly possible. It’s about the 6 pack and the V shape. While I don’t insult all of this because we now have a lot of great athletes like Ziggler, and Cody Rhodes who thrive on athleticism, Cm punk for example, extremely athletic but his body, well, let’s be honest, if we woke up looking like that we’d probably slit our wrists!

Now while I love all this new found athleticism that is in the WWE, I miss things such as the suplex, the powerbomb, guys who were strong and worked on pure technical wrestling to keep us interested. Was Hulk Hogan as athletic as half the guys in the WWE now? No of course not, but damn if he couldn’t tell a story in the ring! You need the perfect mixture to get it right, something I feel the WWE currently lacks.

Now when we talk about WWE Steroids, we need to look at things logically I still believe steroid use is as prominent as ever in the WWE. I believe they’ve stepped away from steroids such as the big Testosterone, Deca, Dbol stack, and moved more on to things like anavar, winstrol (though God knows why any athlete would want to use winstrol!)

Randy Orton for example is known for using winstrol, look at the amount of injuries he’s suffered in his career? Now had he used something like a testosterone anavar stack, he’d be injury free. (or a lot better off) Anavar with its great healing properties would help with any joints and or tendon pains he’s having, allowing him to recover quicker and train much, much harder.

We also have guys like Dolph Ziggler, who keeps low body fat all year and again obviously “supplements” I’d go as far as to say with a simple test and anavar stack.

Someone like Ryback is more likely to be on the Dianabol, deca, testosterone stack that we saw wrestlers on during the 80’s to late 90’s. No matter what you think about Ryback he has that “star feel.” He is huge, he has an intimidation, he has sheer size and star power, he’s not the best talker but a GOOD manager could fix that. Yes, he will use steroids obviously. But does it matter? To get to the level he’s at requires eating a lot of healthy foods, training with heavy compound lifts, and using the best gear WISELY.

We also have guys like HHH, who just by looking at him you can tell when he’s on a cycle of Human growth hormone, insulin growth factor-1, Dianabol, testosterone, and of course deca.

One of the “leaders” backstage and now pretty much runs the business, HHH has moved himself up to the top of the industry with precise intelligence. I’m not saying I don’t think he loves Stephanie, what I am saying is I think he “made” himself love her. Following me?

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