Natural Steroids for Bodybuilding and Burning Fat

‘Lift some weight and you’ll look great!’, – they say. However, building a great lean body is something more complicated than regular exercises. If you’ve spent months or even years in a gym and are still far from your goals, it’s time to think about effectively working supplements.

The popularity of synthetic steroids is fading away. Who wants to put health at risk for temporary success? Yet, there are so-called ‘Natural Steroids’ that are not only helpful for building muscles but also beneficial to the human organism. Such supplements are created from natural ingredients like herbs, seeds, fruit, etc.

Natural steroids won’t work instead of you. You still have to go to a gym and watch everything you put in your mouth. Yet taking some supplements makes your training and diet more effective and helps your muscles to grow faster.

Supplements may change the whole game for those people who are not getting muscled body easily due to a slower metabolism or hormonal misbalance. They are a must-have for those who have some minor dietary sins. In addition, supplements are supporting your organism during a hard period, becoming an extra source of important elements.

Top 5 Natural Steroids To Build Muscle and Increase Strength

The first thing any bodybuilder learns is that testosterone increases physical strength and boosts muscle growth. Yet the second thing to remember is that anabolic steroids (created to supply you with testosterone) are toxic and dangerous. Is there any wiser solution? Yes!

Natural Steroids do not feed your organism with pre-created synthetic testosterone. They supply your body with those elements that are needed to produce testosterone on your own. Natural hormone-stimulators are effective. They work milder and slower than anabolic steroids, but their effect is more natural and long-lasting.

Moreover, most testosterone-supportive ingredients are beneficial to your health. Below there’s a list of five great supplements that are worth trying.

athlete using herbal steroids for bodybuilding

D-Bal (Natural Alternative for Synthetic Steroid Dianabol)

d-bal natural steroid alternative

Dianabol (Anabolic Steroid) is a highly-effective drug. It helps you gain up to 15lbs of lean muscles after a month of use. Yet there’s no guarantee the result won’t be lost a few weeks after withdrawal. Its natural brother D-Bal is completely another story.

D-Bal stimulates testosterone production in a natural and healthy way. Additional beneficial components prepare your body for intensive training. D-Bal also works as a mild energy booster. It speeds up bone and muscle restoration. Having no major side-effects, D-Bal can be used for a long time. 

Main Ingredients:

Vitamin D3 is a necessary element of testosterone production. Medical surveys show that D3 hypovitaminosis is a common reason for reduced testosterone levels. This vitamin is difficult to get from daily food, yet it can be effectively supplied with D-Bal. In addition, D3 is useful for your bones, joints, and skeleton.

Tribulus Terrestris is a natural fruit extract that increases testosterone levels in a natural way. It causes increased muscle growth already 5-20 days after the start of use. In addition, Tribulus is beneficial for the reproductive system and urinary tract.

Whey protein is a high-quality building material for lean and strong muscles. The lack of protein may be a serious obstacle for your muscles to grow. D-Bal adds extra proteins to your daily portion and stimulates easier and faster muscle growth.

Isoleucine slightly increases nitrogen capacity. It speeds up the tissue restoration process. Your muscles grow faster and you feel less pain or discomfort after an intensive workout.

Valine takes part in the synthesis of proteins. It shortens the time of muscle restoration and growth. It also helps to cure minor traumas.

Leucine is an important element for a healthier metabolism. Your high-protein meals will bring more benefits if you enrich your diet with extra leucine. This element is beneficial for nearly all body systems.

Serotonin helps to reduce the amount of fat. It also reduces the amount of fatigue and keeps you better concentrated and motivated.

Tony before and after natural steroid d-bal
D-Bal results, Before and After

Trenorol (Natural Trenbolone Alternative)

trenorol closest supplement to steroids

Trenorol is a 100% organic dietary supplement with a powerful effect. It works similarly to Trenbolone, yet has no major side-effects. The super-smart mixture of natural components makes the supplement work for two goals simultaneously. First, it helps your muscles to grow faster. Second, it increases your energy production and encourages fat loss.

Plus, Trenorol is a great tool to increase your vascularity. The supplement stimulates red blood cell formation. This effect is crucial for bringing more oxygen to your muscles, it also makes your veins more visible.

Main Ingredients:

is a natural testosterone booster extracted from herbs. Unlike many hormone-stimulators, the herbal sterol is beneficial to men’s health. It prevents free testosterone from converting to DHT and decreases the risk of any hormonal disorders. Beta-Sitosterol also decreases the sugar level in your blood. It prevents many health issues like diabetes and helps to stimulate healthy fat loss.

Nettle Leaf Extract is one of the strongest natural testosterone stimulators. It’s also a great source of iron, which is beneficial for your muscle growth. Nettle Leaf Extract supports your immune system and stimulates better oxygen supply.

Samento Inner Bark is a great anti-inflammatory ingredient. This natural component works safely to speed up your post-training recovery. It’s also a great helping tool to cure your traumas and to prevent injuries of your joints.

Pepsin is a natural enzyme responsible for protein digestion. Trenerol supplies extra pepsin for your body to consume protein more easily and faster. As a result, your body gets more building material for your muscles and you don’t even have to add extra food for that.

daniel after trenorol - closest supplement to steroid
Trenorol results, Before and After


Anadrole natural alternative of steroid Anadrol

Anadrole (don’t mix up with Anadrol) is a multi-purpose supplement.  It nourishes your body with several healthy elements, preparing you for extra intensive workouts. It also gives a natural impulse for testosterone production. Anadrole increases the number of erythrocytes to carry more oxygen and peptides (smaller parts of proteins) to your muscles.

Anadrole is fast in bringing results. It increases your gains, vascularity, and physical strength a week after you start it. This supplement also raises your hemoglobin level which is beneficial to your general health and wellness.

Main Ingredients:

Tribulus Terrestris
works to make your body produce more testosterone. Yet unlike synthetic steroids, Tribulus Terrestris ensures healthy use of your hormones. This fruit extract is unique to protect your reproductive system. It helps your body adapt to short-term hormonal changes and prevents unpleasant side-effects.

Soy Protein Isolate is called a super-food for sportsmen. It supplies your body with high-quality vegetable protein to build bulky muscles. Yet, what is even more important, soy protein is rich in vitamins, magnesium, and iron. Ferrum (iron) is an important element to increase the production of red blood cells and to boost the oxygen supply of muscle tissue.

Whey Protein Concentrate is an easy to digest protein type. It enriches your daily meals and supplies your organism with ‘bricks’ for building new muscle tissue.

Shilajit Concentrate may increase your testosterone production by up to 20%. Yet it’s far not the only useful effect of the concentrate. Containing more than 84 minerals, it works as an immune booster, great adaptogen, and antioxidant. It stimulates brain activity and gives you some extra energy. Shilajit Concentrate is also a natural diuretic. It removes unnecessary water and prevents water-retention which is often caused by testosterone.

Acetyl-L-carnitine works as a fat-burner. This ingredient is also great prevention of liver disorders. Acetyl-L-carnitine stimulates brain activity for better concentration and faster reaction.

body before after natural steroid anadrol
Anadrole results, Before and After


Decaduro natural supplement

DecaDuro is called after a popular anabolic steroid Deca Durabolin. Yet the name is not the only similarity between these samples. Being a safe and natural supplement, DecaDuro repeats the positive effect of steroids. Its components increase strength and stamina, boost muscle growth, and vascularity.

At the same time, DecaDuro has no serious side effects, it’s liver-friendly, and not toxic. Unlike steroids, DecaDuro provides an organism with necessary elements for healthy hormonal production and metabolism. After supplement withdrawal, testosterone levels stay safely high and gains are kept.

Main Ingredients:

Wild Yam Root contains diosgenin, which is a unique natural steroid. It has a sensible anabolic effect, helping to grow muscle mass and reduce inflammation. Yet the moderate dose causes no side-effects. Wild Yam Root is also a great energy booster that reduces fatigue.

Panax Ginseng Root is the most popular Oriental supplement. It’s a well-known testosterone booster. But it’s not the only reason for bodybuilders to take ginseng. The root extract increases concentration and energy, it lowers sugar levels in the blood, helps to lose fat faster, speeds up the blood production. Being a valuable source of vitamins, minerals, and acids, ginseng is a great supplement to support the body during intensive training.

L-Arginine ketoglutarate is a rare non-essential amino acid. It takes part in muscle-growing processes. L-Arginine ketoglutarate is responsible for healthy vessels and proper blood flow, which is crucial for bodybuilding.

Acetyl-L-carnitine is a valuable part of all body cells. It helps to produce energy and ensures the proper work of all vital systems. Acetyl-L-carnitine is especially beneficial for brain work. It helps to stay positive, motivated and concentrated on the goals.

L-citrulline is a valuable amino acid that is responsible for reducing the level of milk acid. Such effects reduce muscle soreness and post-training pain, it also helps against fatigue. L-citrulline makes you feel better after a hard workout.

Tribulus Terrestris is a common component of sports supplements. It helps to maintain better blood flow to deliver valuable elements to your muscles. Tribulus also increases blood flow, raises your hemoglobin, and increases the vascularity.

body after Decaduro natural supplement
DecaDuro results, Before and After


TestoMax natural testosterone booster

Testo-Max is a combination of natural components that are beneficial for testosterone production. Imagine that your body is a perfect machine that can provide its own testosterone to boost muscle growth. Testo-Max supplies your body with all necessary elements to switch your testosterone production to a maximal level.

At the same time, most Testo-Max components are beneficial to your health. They support healthy metabolism and the immune system.

Main components:

D-Aspartic Acid is the main active ingredient of Testo-Max. With the correct dose, this amino acid stimulates testosterone production. This acid takes part in hormonal regulation and reduces any negative body reaction to dramatically increased testosterone levels. 

Nettle Leaf Extract is an important element of testosterone boosters. Besides many beneficial effects, it protects your reproductive system from negative influences of enormously high testosterone. Nettle Leaf Extract contains 6 isolectins, which don’t allow free testosterone to turn into dihydrotestosterone. Nettle Leaf Extract is the best herbal component to prevent prostatic hyperplasia.

Ginseng Red Powder is an energy and immunity booster that increases your vital power and helps to concentrate on training. In addition, ginseng stimulates metabolism, making you lose fat faster.

Fenugreek Extract stimulates fat burning processes. This component helps you to get rid of some fat without shrinking your daily portions. Fenugreek is also able to normalize the sugar level in blood. It decreases the risk of many dangerous diseases like diabetes.

Boron supports your body during the fast increase of testosterone. Sometimes hormonal changes can be dangerous. Our body may need extra time to react to increased testosterone adequately. Boron helps to keep a high level of testosterone without the dangerous growth of estradiol and SHBG levels. This makes adaptation safe and fast.

Bioperine is extracted from black pepper. It stimulates metabolism and helps to digest daily meals effectively. Taken in complex with other Testo Max components, Bioperine increases their effectiveness.

Vitamin D3 is important for keeping your testosterone high and estrogen lower. In addition, Vitamin D3 is responsible for staying in a good mood and having lots of energy. This vitamin takes part in restoration processes.

Vitamin K1 keeps your bones stronger and helps to avoid minor traumas during the hard training period. In addition, this component is necessary for good metabolism, a healthy heart, and vessels. Vitamin K1 helps to increase strength and stamina.

Vitamin B6 takes an active part in red cell formation that leads to increased hemoglobin and better oxygen supply to muscles. B6 makes carbohydrates more ‘burnable’, providing energy for each workout.

Magnesium is necessary for more than 300 enzymatic reactions in our bodies. Moreover, it’s necessary for muscle growth, better oxygen supply, and testosterone production.

Zink improves blood flow to the muscles and takes an important role in testosterone level regulation.

Natural body results after Testo Max booster
Testo-Max results, Before and After

Top 3 Natural Steroids To Burn Fat and Boost Endurance

Our ability to burn calories and body fat depends on genetics, hormones, lifestyle, and daily diet. Supplements and super-foods influence our digesting processes and metabolism. Organic extracts may help us to burn fat faster and easier if used correctly.

Natural Steriods often consist of valuable components that promote energy production. This makes us burn more calories and fat during training and even daily activities. Such a process has a very beneficial side-effect – we feel more motivated and energetic.

The fat-burning effect provided by natural ingredients is mild. It doesn’t cause any negative consequences, making us slimmer gradually. Unlike synthetic drugs, Natural Steroids are also a source of additional proteins, minerals, and vitamins. This allows combining them with a low-calorie diet without the risk of fatigue and physical exhaustion.

natural fat burning body

Winsol (Natural Winstrol Substitute)

winsol natural fat burner steroid replacement

Winstrol is an anabolic steroid that brings fascinatingly fast results, however, may harm your health. Winsol is a safe and legal alternative to Winstrol made of natural ingredients. Winsol’s effect is much milder, however, it can become a great helping tool when it’s up to making your body ripped and lean.

Winsol works as an energy booster, making your training more dynamic and effective. At the same time, it increases blood flow to your muscles. In this way, your body produces more energy while burning calories and fat tissue. Plus, Winsol slightly stimulates the production of testosterone which is also beneficial for losing unnecessary fat.

Main Ingredients:

Acetyl-L-Carnitine increases your physical power, stimulates brain activity, and oxygen supply.   It is an important component for most metabolic processes and may speed fat burning up.

Wild Yam Root is a herbal extract rich in diosgenin (a natural steroid). Unlike synthetic steroids, diosgenin doesn’t suppress the production of your own testosterone. On the other hand, Wild Yam Root is a mild testosterone stimulator. Wild Yam Root extract has a slight anti-inflammatory effect which helps to protect and restore your muscles and joints after hard training and minor traumas.

Dimethylaminoethanol (DMAE) works to increase your physical strength, energy, and stamina. In addition, this component is beneficial to your brain. Such a complex effect increases your productivity and reduces fatigue. DMAE helps against anxiety and depression. Such an effect may be useful during pre-competing preparation.  

Choline can be produced by our body from the food we eat. Yet some extra dosage of choline is useful during hard training and intense weight loss. Choline has some great detoxing and hepatoprotective power.

Sunflower Oil Powder is one of the richest natural sources of microelements. Besides making your general health better, it stimulates fat loss and increases energy output. Oil powder is beneficial to the skin, this may be a pleasant bonus for competing bodybuilders. Good skin improves your general image on stage.

Winsole results, Before and After


anvarol natural supplement

Anvarol is designed as a legal alternative to Anavar. Providing great results, Anvarol is safe for your liver and digestive system. The supplements are sold as tablets and work as energy boosters for the cutting phase.

Anvarol increases phosphocreatine levels. This stimulates the production of ATP (adenosine triphosphate). The more ATP your muscles get, the longer and harder they can work. As a result, Anvarol helps to burn more calories per training and makes you lose your fat faster.

The great plus of the supplement is that you keep growing your muscles when you take it. So, losing fat and gaining muscles can be real with a smart approach. Anvarol is not a hormonal drug; it’s safe for healthy people and can be taken regardless of age and gender.

Main Ingredients:

Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) increases the blood flow to your muscles, making them better supplied with nutrition and energy. As a result, you can work faster, longer, and more effectively. Another ATP’s effect is reducing muscle pain and soaring.

Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA) stimulate your muscle growth and increase protein synthesis and energy. The amino acids are highly beneficial for muscle growth.

Wild Yam Root is useful for the production of your own testosterone. It is a natural pain killer and a powerful anti-inflammatory ingredient. It helps to restore after training and reduces your emotional tension.

Whey Protein Concentrate provides an extra dose of high-quality proteins. It keeps your lean muscles growing when you lose your fat. Anvarol can become a useful additional source of protein during a hard training period.

Soy Protein Isolate is another type of protein for growing massive yet lean muscles. Soy Protein Isolate is perfectly combined with Whey Protein Concentrate to provide high-class nutrition for your muscles without any risk to gain extra fat.

david before after natural anvarol
Anvarol results, Before and After


Clenbutrol best natural weight loss steroid

Clenbutrol stimulates your metabolism by increasing the body’s inner temperature and oxygen flow. As a result, your body uses more energy, burning calories, and body fat. Clenbuterol regulates your appetite. Better control over your hunger and eating habits helps to maintain a healthier diet.

This supplement is also beneficial to your general health. Being a source of vitamins itself, Clenbutrol also helps your body to digest food in a more effective way. It stimulates better consummation of proteins, minerals, etc.

Main Ingredients:

is one of the most effective natural energy boosters. The extract of guarana leaves is a rich source of caffeine. Guarana is also able to increase intracellular temperature. The thermogenic effect lasts for a short time, yet it decreases fat tissue significantly.

Niacin is another name for Vitamin B3. This vitamin is important to maintain good blood supply all over your body. Your tissues get more nutrition and oxygen, and your fat cells are burned and used much faster. In addition, niacin helps your digestive processes, making your body get more micro and microelements from an ordinary meal.

Bitter Orange Extract is a naturally created fat-burning bomb. A small amount of bitter orange extract increases body temperature significantly. As a result, it makes your metabolism faster and helps in burning fats.

Garcinia Cambogia helps to control your hunger. It reduces your appetite slightly, allowing you to get rid of bad eating habits.

william Clenbutrol Before After natural photos
Clenbutrol results, Before and After

How Natural Steroids Work in the Body

When Natural Steroids are compared to anabolic steroids, lots of people don’t believe they can have a similar effect. Yet the effectiveness of Natural Steroids is easy to prove. Each supplement consists of several natural ingredients. It’s aimed at solving one or several bodybuilding tasks.

Surely, natural components work slower and milder, compared to synthetic drugs. Just a little patience! They are healthier and can be taken for a longer time period. In the end, you get a very similar result with little or no side-effects.

Below are some important functions of Natural Steroids:

  • Testosterone Production
    How do natural ingredients raise your testosterone level? There are several possible variants. Some solve minor problems and cover the deficits of your body. It helps to maintain or return proper testosterone production. Others feed your body with herbal steroids that are later turned into testosterone. Also, there are herbal components that give your body a strong impulse to produce more androgens.

    The best effect is provided by a smart combination of several components for testosterone increase. Together they are able to support a naturally high level of hormones for a long time. This results in fast muscle growth, increased physical power, and easier fat loss.

    Ingredients that are used for this purpose: Tribulus Terrestris, Beta-Sisterol, Nettle Leaf Extract, Shilajit, Wild Yam Root, A-Asparic Acid, Red Ginseng, etc.
  • Blood and Oxygen Supply
    Tissues of our body may suffer from a poor oxygen supply and malnutrition. Such a condition is often caused by stress, overtraining, health issues, aging, etc. Unfortunately, regular intensive workouts (that are so necessary for creating a muscled body) can also be a reason for that.

    Natural ingredients stimulate the production of blood cells, increase the blood flow, and enrich it with important elements. This is beneficial for a fast and healthy metabolism, proper muscle growth, and natural detoxication. Increased blood flow helps to reduce fat in difficult zones like stomach, hips, hands, lower back, etc.

    Ingredients that are used for this purpose: Acetyl-L-carnitine, ATP, Vitamin B3, Red Ginseng, Vitamin B6, Zink, etc.
  • Protein Syntheses
    Muscles can only grow when your body gets enough building materials for new tissue. Eating products that are rich in proteins is a must for athletes. Yet it doesn’t always help. Why? That’s because not all the proteins that you eat are later consumed by your body.

    Deficiencies of microelements, digestive problems, and minor health issues can be an invisible obstacle for normal consummation and syntheses of proteins. Supplements can change the whole thing, stimulating the digesting, and helping your body to use more proteins from each meal. Some supplements also supply your body with additional proteins of herbal or animal origin.

    Ingredients that are used for this purpose: Whey Protein, Valine, Leucine, Pepsine, Soy Protein, L-Arginin ketoglutarate, BCAA, etc.
  • Thermogenic Fat Loss
    The increased temperature speeds up metabolism inside cells. As a result, more calories are burnt. Some of them will be taken from your food, others – from your fat storage. Several herbal extracts can increase your body’s temperature safely. You don’t feel any discomfort, yet your fat is intensively melting. Such effects are usually short-lasting and almost unnoticeable. Yet it’s very effective for your weight reduction.

    Ingredients that are used for this purpose: Ginseng, Guarana, Bitter Orange Extract, etc.
  • Energy Production
    Lack of energy can be a serious obstacle for new achievements. It’s very difficult to move on if you feel tired, lazy, and unmotivated. Natural energy boosters stimulate your brain and body for work.

    Some natural extracts supply you with a dose of caffeine or similar substances. Others stimulate brain activity. They also help your body against overtraining and physical exhaustion.  

    Ingredients that are used for this purpose: Fenugreek Extract, DMA, Sunflower Oil Powder, Red Ginseng Root, Guarana, Serotonine, etc.
  • General Health Support
    Any health issue may be a serious problem for building a great body. The first thing you could do to prevent health problems is to feed your body with the necessary elements. That’s exactly what most supplements do.

    Natural Steroids are often a source of many minerals and vitamins. They stimulate the self-curing processes, make your bones and muscles stronger, and increase your immune protection. Such support is necessary during hard periods and stresses.

    Ingredients that are used for this purpose: Boron, Bioprene, Magnesium, Iron, Isoleucine, Vitamins, etc.

Why Prefer Natural Steroids?

athlete prefering natural steroids

The new era of bodybuilding promotes a smart and health-friendly approach to everything. In this sense, Natural Steroids are much better than synthetic drugs. There are several crucial advantages that push more and more sportsmen to use Natural Steroids:

  • Legal Status
    Natural Steroids are legal in most countries of the world. They can be freely bought without special permission. It’s comfortable and helps to avoid problems with the law (as it often happens with steroids).
  • Health-safety
    Natural Steroids are not harmful to your health. In most cases, they cause no side-effects and are often beneficial for the human organism.
  • Stable Results
    The results that you get from using Natural Steroids are stable. Your gains won’t be reduced after the Natural Steroid withdrawal.

Foods That Contain Natural Steroids

Bodybuilder Looking At Foods That Contain Natural Steroids

Dieting is an important part of bodybuilding. Most sportsmen concentrate on counting consumed calories, proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. Yet there’s sense to pay more attention to the food we choose.  

The smarter approach in sports dieting encourages choosing products rich in Natural Steroids. Including them in your daily ration, you may notice your first improvements very soon. To maintain more effective nutrition, include more of the products listed below:

  • Spinach contains herbal steroids. They stimulate the processes of building muscles and increase your physical health and stamina.
  • Bananas are rich in vitamins, minerals, fibers, and bromelain, which is especially useful for testosterone production. Bromelain works as a natural testosterone booster. It leads to increased muscle growth.
  • Asparagus is especially rich in magnesium, several types of Vitamin B, and D-Aspartic Acid. These ingredients are very healthy, yet they are also important for testosterone production.
  • Fava Beans contain L-dopa, which is a mild stimulator of growth hormone production. Moderately increased levels of the hormone lead to better muscle growth and enhanced sports results.  
  • Avocados are great sources of useful fats and proteins. Each fruit contains a high dose of potassium, folic acid, cholesterol, and oleic acid. Such a set is beneficial for the reproductive system and a well-balanced endocrine profile.
  • Quinoa contains ecdysteroids that are very similar to human testosterone. These herbal steroids work as boosters for your muscle growth. In addition, quinoa is rich in magnesium, potassium, iron, and zink. All these minerals are important for testosterone production or act like adaptogens.
  • Figs are rich in amino acids, leucine, and arginine. All these components take part in healthy protein synthesis. Arginine is also able to stimulate testosterone production.
  • Eggs contain lots of components beneficial for testosterone production and your general wellness. Some of them are B-type Vitamins, amino acids, choline, cholesterol, iron.
  • Wild Oats are an excellent source of minerals that are beneficial for high testosterone production. Besides iron, zinc, and magnesium, a daily portion of wild oats supplies your body with steroidal saponins. These components may stimulate your muscle growth and physical power.
  • Oysters are perfect for a bodybuilding diet. They contain lots of proteins, amino acids, and minerals that are necessary for testosterone production. Nitric Oxide, which is found in oysters, increases blood flow and makes your vessels more visible.
  • Celery contains two rare steroid types, called androstenone and androstenol. These components boost testosterone levels and, as a result, increase muscle growth.
  • Pine Pollen contains so-called ‘herbal testosterone’ that is very similar to the one that our bodies produce. In general, 100 grams of pollen contains around 80 micrograms of herbal testosterone. The natural origin of the hormone makes it safer and better consumed when compared to synthetic forms.

Natural Steroid Stacks

Crazy Bulk has designed supplements that can replace anabolic steroids forever. Laboratory-checked and medically proven blends of Natural Steroids, proteins, and vitamins bring great results. Supplements are aimed to solve different problems. They may stimulate your muscle gains, speed up the fat loss, boost your energy, or increase your vascularity.

All Crazy Bulk supplements are 100% compatible with a healthy lifestyle. The organic origin of the components excludes major side-effects. Most supplements complement your daily diet with important vitamins and minerals. This makes Crazy Bulk products not only effective when it’s up to building muscles but also beneficial to your general health.

Bulking Stack

Crazy Bulk Bulking Stack is a unique product for bodybuilders. The combination of natural and safe, yet incredibly effective components increases your gains up to the ultimate level. Bulking Stack is also beneficial for your general health and better sports performance.

The stack consists of 4 Crazy Bulk products that are the only safe natural alternative to synthetic steroids. Supplements play different roles to pump up the development of your lean and shredded muscles. Yet together they guarantee the maximal effect that comes safely and lasts for a long time.

crazybulk bulking stack

Pay attention to some extra benefits of Bulking Stack supplements:

  • Organic and safe components;
  • Proven quality and effectiveness;
  • No loss of gains after the end of the cycle;
  • No need for PCT;
  • Free worldwide delivery.

Learn more: visit Crazy Bulk official website / to see the results Bulking Stack brings

Fat Burning Stack

Crazy Bulk presents Fat Burning Stack that speeds up your metabolism, increases blood flow, and helps in burning your fat. As a result, you get a ripped and super-shredded body. Fat Burning Stack is able to mimic the effects of anabolic steroids. Yet organic components used for Crazy Bulk products are safe for your body.

The stack includes 4 popular supplements that help to reduce your body fat, promote muscle growth, and enhance your performance. Highly-effective components are blended in a way to bring the best and fastest possible results.

crazybulk natural fat burning stack

Why Crazy Bulk Fat Burning Stack is recommended by sports gurus and nutritionists:

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