Masterone Dosage for Bodybuilders. Full Guide to Masteron Use for an Excellent Body

Masteron, also known by its name “Drostanolone Propionate”, has been a popular synthetic steroid. It is famous for its ability to boost cutting cycles. Masteron, which is already a very lean steroid, can give you a physique that’s beyond what you could get naturally. Masteron can also be used to prepare for bodybuilding competitions.

It excels at shedding stubborn body fat. Masteron’s lack of fluid retention makes it possible to accomplish this, which is what sets it apart from other steroids. Masteron’s competitive bodybuilders will reap the greatest benefits. Masteron is most effective when you have a strict diet. Masteron will benefit you if it’s clear what you’re trying to achieve.

Masteron, What Is It?

Masteron (Drostanolone propionate) is a highly exotic androgenic Steroid, which was originally intended to be an anti-estrogen. It attaches to your body’s androgen receptors. Then, it interacts with other cell parts that produce proteins. This internal process can have the side effect of significantly increasing your anabolic ability. Masteron is an anabolic agent that is derived from dihydrotestosterone. But Masteron has a chemical alteration that gives Masteron a greater anabolic rating than DHT.

Masteron is now being used by bodybuilders, athletes, and for cutting cycles. This product was initially developed under “Masteril” brand. It was well-known as an antistress agent. The original intent was to cure breast cancer by using other drugs. Bodybuilders and athletes love this product because it affects hormonal systems.

There are two different types of forms of Masteron/Drostanolone Propionate:

* Masteron Enanthate. (Drostanolone Enanthate).
* Masteron Propionate (Drostanolone Propionate)

Enanthate may be more difficult than Propionate. However, it does require fewer injections and has a longer half-life. Propionate tends to be more common, but neither one is easy to obtain these days. This is because the United States Pharmaceutical Labs stopped producing them for years. As such, underground labs are the only options. Most people are familiar with and comfortable with steroids.

Propionate Drostanolone

This is Masteron original, and is very much in demand among serious lifters. Although it can be used to anabolic and as an anti-estrogen, this is not as effective as other steroids. This Masteron variant is effective in improving muscle strength. It is a DHT derivative which has an additional methyl to carbon two positions, and a carboxylic acid ester.

Because of this, the drug is powerful and has a slow metabolic impact on the body. It has an average half-life of 2.5 Days, which is significantly shorter than Enanthate’s. The Propionate half life/ester is shorter than Enanthate so its cycles are shorter. If you have enough for an 8-10 week cycle, you can stack it to Testosterone Propionate (the most compatible Testoserone ester). Masteron propionate can also often be stacked alongside Trenbolone and Stanzolol, (Winstrol).

Drostanolone Enanthate

Masteron with a longer ester takes more time to get rid of the body (about 10 extra days than M. Propionate). The Enanthate ester allows you to not have to take as much, but instead, it is easier to take smaller doses. This is why many opt for this variant.

Enanthate typically lasts 12 weeks. Masteron Enanthate works with Testosterone Enanthate just like Masteron Propionate. These 3 compounds are very effective when combined together. The form stacks well with Winstrol. Masteron Enanthate, when combined with Testosterone Enanthate, should be considered a minimum.

Masteron Benefits

Masteron can be considered one of the weakest steroids. Because it doesn’t add mass like other types, Masteron might sometimes be thought to be one of those less powerful steroids. Masteron was not created to bulk you up, but it is designed to produce top-quality cutting results. It is the best tool to help you achieve this, if you take it correctly, as I have explained.

Here are some Masteron users’ favorite results and benefits:

#1 Fat loss

Masteron aids in reducing body fat. It gives your muscles that 3-Demensional, “pop” look. It raises your metabolic rate which helps you to burn more calories. This often results in a very ripped and toned physique.

#2 Hard and dry look

Drostanolone is an effective way to harden your muscle, giving you a hard and dry appearance. Most athletes go through a cycle to bulk up their muscles and increase the density of their muscles.

Your physique will improve dramatically with this increase in muscle mass. This steroid causes muscle hardening and also inhibits estrogen conversion, which can lead to muscle growth. Your body absorbs enough testosterone to allow you to grow your muscles.

#3 Strength

Drostanolone has been used by bodybuilders, athletes, and others who are looking to improve their performance. This holds true even when they’re not exercising. Many steroids that enhance strength also pack extra mass. Masteron is perfect if you feel that you have enough mass, but still crave a rush of strength.

#4 It enhances the effects on other steroids

Masteron, when used together with other types and types of gear can make them all very powerful. Masteron Enanthate is often stacked with Testosterone Enanthate as a way to increase its effectiveness. These two compounds are extremely effective together.

Masteron’s anti-estrogen qualities and anti-aromatase properties are excellent. It can also limit the binding Sex Hormone Binding Globulin, which helps other steroids in your stack function at their best. Masteron is the best steroid to be used alongside other steroids. This side effect is the best you can get.

Masteron is commonly used as a breast carcinoma treatment drug. Therefore, you need to know that Masteron doesn’t have estrogenic side effects and does not aromatize. It does indeed contain anti-estrogen substances. Combining it, however, with other steroids which have estrogenic actions is often a good decision since it usually blocks those unwanted effects (from the other compounds).

Masteron Dosage

The dosage of this steroids depends on many factors. To achieve the best results, you will need a specific plan. This will depend heavily upon your level of experience. Drostanolone Enanthate is administered in moderate doses. Drostanolone propionate can also be taken at lower doses of 50 to 150mg/ml.

Beginners want to limit their intake to 200 mg each week to see improvements. Masteron works faster than other steroids and even beginners can increase their intake to 400mgs a week. Masteron, in terms of increasing your dosage, is more popular than any other steroid. This is because the gap between experienced and novice users is smaller.

Masteron doses range between 300mg and 400mg weekly doses. Masteron should not and will not be considered the “primary” anabolic drug in a cycle. This is because it isn’t anabolic enough to merit this title. This is why you should never exceed 400mgs. One week. This is about the limit for the dose-to-result ratio.

Female Dosage

A 50 to 100mg dose is recommended for women athletes and bodybuilders. You can expect to see results for between 4 and 6 weeks if you take it every week. 4 weeks can often be sufficient. A maximum of 6 weeks should rarely if ever, be exceeded.

Virulization has been demonstrated in the past at higher dosages and for longer durations. In general, dose size and duration of cycles are important factors for females when it comes down to anabolic steroids.

Masteron Dose Administration and Timing

Masteron steroid, as we have already mentioned, comes in two forms.

* Drostanolone Propionate
* Drostanolone Enanthate

Masteron propionate is the only version that has been approved by the medical community, while Masteron enanthate can only be obtained underground. The specific timing of Masteron doses will be determined by which Masteron Form you have access to or have chosen to purchase.

Masteron Enanthate also has a longer half-life, so you only need to inject it twice weekly. It is recommended that you split the 400 mg weekly dose into two weekly doses. It is possible to inject more often, but it will lead to lower blood levels. Splitting the weekly dose of steroids between two injections is a better way to ensure consistent levels each week.

Masteron Propionate is a different drug. It has a much shorter half-life. It’s much easier to get it into your body. Propionate is often injected once daily by most people. Masteron Propionate works best when taken one time per day. It is considered normal and ideal to take Masteron Propionate once daily. Masteron Propionate is not effective if you don’t follow these guidelines. If injecting one time per day is too much for your schedule, you should consider Masteron Enanthate.

Masteron Cycles

The Masteron cycle will include a Testosterone-steroid component. This will help maintain your body’s natural testosterone levels. Without Testosterone, your natural testosterone levels will drop. This has been proved more than once. You shouldn’t even try to prove it. You need to be smart about this.

Masteron should never be taken as a single dose without adding Testosterone. This applies to all levels of experience, regardless of whether it is your first or second cycle. Masteron should always be combined with Testoserone. Masteron Propionate or Masteron Enanthate? Then stack it with Testosterone Enanthate. It’s simple.

Beginner Cycle

As stated, it is important to add the same testosterone ester to your Masteron for beginners. You need to use the same ester for both so that the rate of release in your bloodstream is the exact same. You want the timing/administration of these to be aligned. It is important to remember that this will be the case with all steroid products, even if you are new to them.

How much testosterone? There are two options. Do you want more testosterone for strength and muscle? Do you simply want to make sure your natural testosterone levels aren’t declining? This is entirely up to the individual. It is important to remember that testosterone high doses can result in aromatization risk, such as gynecomastia.

People who take testosterone on a cycle will usually have a post-cycle treatment program in place (like artificial intelligence). Masteron’s built-in aromatization effect might help, but it may not be enough to match the gynecomastia onset. If this is a concern and/or if you don’t have access or a post-cycle therapy AI then you can choose to take a lower on-cycle testosterone dose, around 125 mg./week.

Masteron and Testosterone may be combined in one syringe. Starters should aim for a 12-week cycle. Masteron can also be used in low doses by beginners. It can be taken in one week. The cycle lasts 12 consecutive weeks. It gives the new users an opportunity for feedback on how effective this steroid works.

This cycle can be tolerated and produce much more visible results. Intermediates often include a third compound. Oxandrolone is the most well-known, and Anavar is the most common. Masteron uses Anavar to compliment his ability to help him cut. Combining these 3 may also be an option. You might consider lowering your testoserone intake (ex.100mg) since it is frequently used only as a support drug (with Anavar).

* Masteron: 400 mg/week
* Anavar: 50 mg/week
* Testosterone: 100 mgs/week

This cycle is for a period of 10 weeks.

Advanced Cycle

Advanced users seek to build a lean, muscular body. This advanced cycle is for them. Advanced users may add Trenbolone. This allows you to add mass or bulk to your cycle. Masteron and Trenbolone are powerful combinations that can transform your body. It is common to take testosterone in support dosages during an advanced cycle (ex. 100 mg).

Trenbolone, much like Masteron does not aromatize. However, keeping an AI with you is a good idea. Trenbolone can often bind to your estrogen receptor. It’s possible for this to lead to gynecomastia.

This is how the 10-week cycle works:

* Masteron Propionate: 400 mg/week
* Testosterone Propionate: 100 mg/week
* Trenbolone Acetat: 400 mg/week

Masteron Stacking

This steroid works well when combined with other steroids. Masteron should be used to preserve natural testosterone levels. Masteron is known for reducing the body’s natural hormone production. Masteron can be stacked with powerful cutting steroids such as Winstrol/Anvar for best results.

What Results Can Masteron Produce?

Masteron excels when it is concerned with the following three areas:

-Overall fat burning
-Physique enhancement.
-Lacking aromatization = no bloating and water retention

This is because you should supplement the cycle with a proper diet plan and training routine. Masteron works best if you have already achieved low body fat levels and are looking for a more toned physique.

For example, a bodybuilder might be looking to trim down and shred in the weeks leading to a competition. Masteron does not change an overweight person’s eating habits. It works best when you are transforming an otherwise slim body. Masteron will “pop” your body by giving it a more 3-Dimensional look. Its antiestrogen properties can also remove unwanted fluid retention. This allows you to have that dry, cut effect of “body hardening”.

Side Effects of Masteron Cycle

Drostanolone doesn’t have the side effects many consider to be most steroids’ worst side effects (water retention, and gynecomastia). This is changed when additional compounds with estrogenic activity add to the mix. This is why it is important to prepare ahead and understand what to expect.

A bloated face and/or body can often make the difference between a desirable and undesirable physique. Masteron takes away your worry. However, side effects can still occur. Masteron is one of the milder steroids. It’s especially useful when compared to stronger steroids.

  • Side effects can include androgenic side effects
    This includes effects like hair loss and baldness. This will not be an issue for those with a predisposition towards baldness or hair fall. Side effects include acne-like skin reactions and oily skin.
  • Cholesterol
    Masteron can lead to an increase in bad cholesterol (LDL), as well as a decrease in good cholesterol (HDL). Masteron can increase your bad cholesterol levels (LDL), but it is important to maintain a healthy level of cholesterol.
  • It suppresses testosterone
    This happens with many kinds of steroids. Masteron overuse can also reduce the body’s natural production of testosterone. It can take up to one month for your body’s natural testosterone production to resume after you stop taking Masteron.

It was therefore recommended that Testosterone is added to your Masteron Cycle. It does not need to be taken at a level that causes side effects. It’s not necessary to take a higher Test dose unless you are looking for something more. A low dosage. This will suffice.

Any dosage above that is allowed is your choice. While your body will eventually begin producing testosterone again, it is a slow process. This can often take weeks or months. Avoid common symptoms of low testosterone such as physical and psychological energy loss (mental and emotional), low sex drive or muscle loss (easily gained weight), etc.

Masteron, which is DHT-based is far more androgenic than Testosterone. Due to its higher virilization hazards, Masteron is among the most undesirable steroids that women should consider. Drostanolone can be dangerous for women taking it. They should limit their dosage and watch out for potential virilization symptoms like body hair growing, deepened voice, or acne.

Masteron Post-Cycle Therapy

This is vital because it helps stimulate your body’s natural production of testosterone. Clomid, Nolvadex, and other drugs can help stimulate testosterone. You should consider the steroids you took during your cycle before deciding on a PCT program. You will need a more aggressive PCT program if you have higher levels of suppressive steroids.

The Ester length (half-life) of the steroids must also influence the start of the PCT. As you can see, Masteron has two different half-lives. Enanthate is ten days and Propionate is 2.5 days. Nolvadex/Clomid are the most common options.

However, if you’re using more intense steroids it may be worth adding some HCG in your post-cycle therapy. 2500iu’s weekly are recommended. These doses should be split into 2 doses every week. Keep in mind that HCG has its side effects (gynecomastia), so it’s a good idea to have an AI.

What Are Masteron’s Benefits?

Masteron benefits are among the most notable. It is most commonly used as a contest prep substance, due to its remarkable ability to lose fat and water weight. Masteron is a drug that is known for achieving a shredded body. These goals can be helped greatly by Masteron’s lack of water retention.

Masteron can be mixed with other steroids

Masteron is the most common stacked steroid. The reason is that Masteron can be used to boost the effects of other steroids (stacking). It can do this because it inhibits your body from binding Sex Hormone Binding Globulin. Its anti-estrogenic property also helps.

Masteron can be used by women

Yes, they can. However, women need to understand that Masteron comes with higher virilization potential. Keep in mind that Masteron can be used for short periods and at very low doses. The maximum effect is six weeks. Even a brief cycle of six weeks can lead to deeper voices and more body hair. Masteron should immediately be stopped or severely reduced if these effects become apparent.

Is Masteron a Prerequisite for a PCT?

Yes. This is true of almost every anabolic drug. Masteron has a significant effect on natural testosterone levels. Many additional steroids are also added to Masteron, some of which have the ability to suppress natural testosterone. Nolvadex/Clomid and/or HCG are the most popular PCT protocols for Masteron cycles. If anabolic steroids are used on the cycle, HCG will be added.

What Is Masteron Used for?

The anti-estrogen nature of this steroid meant that it was originally designed to help with breast cancer treatment. Bodybuilders and athletes still use it today to achieve a hard, straight look.

Where Do I Inject Masteron?

It is an intramuscular injectable that works by getting the solution deep inside the tissues to ensure it enters quickly into the bloodstream. The injection is best for stronger muscles, such as those of the deltoid/buttocks and thigh.


Although Masteron may not be a very strong steroid relative to others, it can reduce fat and strengthen your muscles when taken in combination with other steroids. This and the mild side effects are what make Drostanolone so popular.

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