Women Steroids Guide

When we talk about Women Steroids most guys tend to think of those girls who are incredibly large and look bigger/more masculine than most males. This is obviously completely wrong, as most women on steroids are some of the sexiest looking females around, just take a look at the girls I’ve used in this article to demonstrate not only how powerful, strong, and sexy they look but do you see anything masculine about them at all? I certainly don’t and neither do the millions of guys who want to bang them.

But for Women Steroids what is the best steroids on the market for a female? Well to start off with, I normally start most females on Anavar, Anavar is a fantastic anabolic steroid that has little to no male-like side effects. I normally have women run it at 10mg daily for between 8 to 12 weeks. This is usually enough for the female athlete to see muscle gains between 6 and 10lbs, while fat loss is also possible and a drop in body fat is quite common.

The strength gains on Anavar are something else completely as well. Let’s say your best squat is 150lbs, Don’t be surprised to see yourself squatting over 200lbs comfortably by the time you’ve ended it. In fact, one of my female athletes took her squat from 210lbs all the way up to 300lbs! Not too shabby! This girl also suffered from PCOS and used to weigh over 240lbs! Now she is incredibly sexy and has completely changed her life around.

Another great anabolic is NPP

NPP is a fast-acting Deca, a lot of females love this to diet with, and also use it to bulk with, personally, I test my female athletes for a cycle or two of NPP. If they have no negative male side effects (which you won’t if you do things correctly) then we tend to put them on Deca as it means MUCH less frequent injections which are desirable for obvious reasons and the muscle gains are simply incredible! I am a huge fan of NPP for its muscle-building properties.

Next up is Deca

I would never use Deca while cutting, but for the bulk and building muscle mass, testosterone and Anavar seem to go hand in hand, they can help heal injuries, make you feel good, and build muscle for fun, not too shabby no?

We also have turinabol or turanabol or t-bol or whatever they call it these days, this anabolic steroid works very similar to Anavar, but may build more muscle mass, however, its fat-burning properties are not as high so keep that in mind, it’s a 50-50 thing, some girls prefer Anavar others t-bol, decide what’s the best for you by experimenting.

Finally, some girls use testosterone, yes, this would put you on the more muscular side, but in the right dosages, you can look as sexy as possible with high testosterone levels going through you, just look at the women on this website. Hopefully, this article has helped you out on women steroids and I’ve been able to provide as much useful information regarding women steroids as possible.

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