Deca Durateston: Benefits, Results, Injectible And Oral Form And Legal Status

Deca is one of the most widely used anabolic steroids for muscle and strength gain, but it is also one of the most confusing because there are so many deca variants.

Most have heard of deca durabolin, but there is also deca durateston.

If you want to make the most out of this anabolic steroid, you have to learn the similarities between these products.

Is Deca Durateston Different or Same as Durabolin?

Deca durateston and deca durabolin are not the same. There are a lot of things we can say about them, but what it all really comes down to is the following:

As to the question of which provides the better results, there is no single answer we can give because several factors come into play such as your condition while using the steroid, your workouts, diet, the dosage, cycle, stack etc.

And you don’t have to decide which one to try since you can use both.

You could for instance, go on a 12 week cycle and take 500 mg of durateston during weeks 1 to 12.

The 500 mg should be divided into two shots or shots every other day until you reach 500 mg. From weeks 1 to 10 take 200 to 300 mg of durabolin as well.

You may also want to take 1000 mg of testosterone enanthate or another test supplement to counter your reduced test level (one of the side effects of deca).

What is the best safe legal Deca steroid?

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A jack of all trades, DecaDuro supercharges your workouts, giving you new levels of strength, extreme muscle gains and a larger, leaner, more powerful physique. Benefits include:

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Deca Durateston: Oral vs Injection. Which are More Common and Better?

Injection is more common, and in many online forums you will find most use injectable.

Those new to bodybuilding opt for oral steroids, and this debate has been going on for as long as there have been steroids.

In the case of durateston, the injectable is the more common form, but as to what is form is more efficient that is something only you can decide.

And you don’t really need to choose between the two anyway. You could start off with oral durateston to jumpstart the cycle and use the injectable after a week or two.

However as the cycle above shows, a typical 500 mg dose is usually provided for in injectable form and since it’s the most common that is what you’ll probably end up using.

Some bodybuilders also say durateston injections have a longer lasting effect, so that is one more reason to try it.

If you’re still not sure what to try, it’s best to go with injectable. For one thing it is more widely available.

If you want results you need a constant supply of deca durateston, and if there are no oral tablets or liquids you have to put off your cycle for a while.

With injections you can be certain they will almost always be available for your use.

5 Peculiar Benefits of Deca Durateston

Durateston has a huge following not just in Brazil but many countries around the world because of its benefits.

We can list a lot of them right here but for the purposes of clarity and simplification we will limit it to the top 5.

  • Boosts Natural Muscle Buildup

This is made possible by the increase in your body’s synthesizing of proteins and amino acids.

These are crucial for muscle growth: proteins are the building blocks of matter and central to anabolic activity. What durateston does is augment this process so protein synthesis reaches its maximum potential.

  • Results in Positive Nitrogen Balance

A lot has been said about protein synthesis and its importance, but nitrogen balance must not be dismissed.

Lean muscle is made up of 16% nitrogen, and if your nitrogen level drops the risk of a catabolic state increases, wherein your muscles get wasted.

Deca keeps your nitrogen level up so the atmosphere is right for muscle growth.

With a positive nitrogen balance you notice improvements in both cutting and bulking phases.

  • Red Blood Cell Count Goes Up

Your red blood cells are tasked with supplying your body with oxygen.

Deca durateston ensures there is enough oxygen in your blood because it is crucial for improving muscle performance.

All the stuff you read about deca durateston improving recovery is in part due to the increase in your red blood cell count.

  • IGF-1 Output Shoots Up

Your IGF-1 or Insulin-Like Growth Factor-1 is a natural peptide hormone that plays an important role muscle growth.

It has the potential for a lot of anabolic power and improving recovery time.

In fact it is not an exaggeration to say that Insulin-Like Growth Factor-1 plays a pivotal role in the development of all cells in your body. The more of this you have the better.

  • Glucocorticoid Hormones are Inhibited

These are stress hormones and do a lot of things in exact opposite of what anabolic steroids like deca do.

A little bit of stress is not bad for the human body, but too much isn’t a good thing especially if you’re trying to build muscles.

These hormones are responsible for storing fat and destroying muscles, with cortisol being one of the worst offenders.

By taking durateston you don’t have to worry about your stress hormones going up too much and affecting your performance.

Typical Deca (Deca Durabolin dosage) Durateston Results for Bodybuilders

We mentioned earlier that deca results vary because individuals have different workout routines and approaches, but studies have indicated there is a pattern.

Provided you work out on a consistent basis and on a healthy diet, the changes in your physique will be substantial.

We listed the top 5 benefits of durateston above, and they combine to give your body the best possible results.

Among the things you will experience are the following, though not necessarily in order of occurrence. In some cases they happen at the same time.

  • Gain Muscles: this is the most obvious benefit. If you take the appropriate dosage, you’re going to end up with large, ripped muscles you will never get by working out only.
  • Increase Mass: you won’t be able to bulk up unless you put on extra mass. Durateston stimulates your appetite so you can keep eating those protein rich foods and convert them to muscles.
  • Burn Fat: ask anyone who’s tried bodybuilding and he/she will tell you burning fat without losing muscle is one of the most difficult things to do. Durateston is helpful in this regard because it speeds up your metabolic rate so your burn fat faster. The extra fat you burn is what your body will end up using as energy to do those extra workouts.
  • Delay Onset of Fatigue: you have probably heard that deca durabolin speeds up recovery time and durateston does the same thing. This is possible because the extra energy in your body delays fatigue and allows you to keep working out and be active.

In other words, the typical result from using deca durateston is a complete physical transformation.

If you’re fat or have a skinny body and want to gain mass and muscle, durateston will provide that.

Should you stack durateston for better results? It depends on your goal.

For some people the results they obtain from durateston are more than enough, but others want more so they stack it with durabolin, dianabol and other steroids.

The important thing to remember is not to think about the typical results, but the results you want to achieve.

It’s your body and you decide whether you want to bulk up like a bodybuilder or have a more athletic built.

We have to point out again that results from durateston do not happen overnight.

However you won’t have to wait as long as you would with just a standard workout or diet.

Durateston is also much more than just a muscle supplement; it will rev up your body the way an engine does with a car, and the results will be striking.

Vital Legal Status You Must Be Aware of

Before you buy durateston, understanding of its legal status is necessary to avoid complications.

Under US laws it is categorized as a Schedule III controlled substance. In order to buy one legally you need a prescription for a medical situation that is approved by the US government.

Durateston is not approved by the FDA so you won’t be able to purchase this legally in the US.

Other countries have set similar laws, making it difficult to buy durateston.

Your best resource would be the Internet and look for underground labs and black markets as they usually have deca and other steroids available.

What is the best way to maximize muscle growth with legal steroids?

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