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Clenbuterol Gel: Difference between clenbuterol tablets & claire gel

When you study clenbuterol gel weight loss online, one of the things you will notice is that a growing number of men and women now use clen in gel form, and this has naturally raised a lot of questions, namely what differentiates it from a tablet?

Let’s find out here.

What is Clenbuterol Gel? And How is it Different from Tablet?

Claire gel differs from tablet in shape and composition. Tablets are powder coated whereas gels use a special gel-like substance to hold the content.

Their usage is pretty much the same however: you take the gel once or twice a day with a full meal and you can take the gel as is or stack it with more steroids.

There’s a lot of debate going around concerning which produces the best results, and opinion is divided. However there are some fitness buffs who believe that clenbuterol gel (or claire gel) is more effective because of the way it’s been formulated.

Second, when you take clenbuterol gel steroids it’s going to have a more immediate effect on your body because it doesn’t have to be broken down the way tablet is.

Once the gel is in your body you don’t have to wait long for the effects to kick in. However it also comes down to the manner in which clen is manufactured.

Dosage Requirement for Beginner Users

Before you buy clenbuterol gel it’s necessary you learn about the proper dosage. For beginners you want to go with 20 or 25 mcg, as that will provide your body ample opportunity to get accustomed to it.

Clen is a stimulant so you’re going to experience a bit of the jitters, but that will pass in a week or less.

When you buy claire gel steroids you’re going to notice the measurement is in ml. To get an idea of how much you’ll need, 1 ml is equivalent to 200 mcg so if you want to start off with 25 mcg, you will require 1/8 ml.

You can avoid a lot of the problems involving how much you’ll need by learning how to make these measurements. It will also help if you keep a journal so you will know how much to take.

You have to take the dosages in cycles lasting anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks. Longer cycles up to 12 weeks is possible, but there’s no reason for a beginner to worry about that at this point, as your goal is to get a taste of how this works.

If you feel jittery, your hands shake or have trouble sleeping, that’s normal and these side effects should disappear after a week or two. Once the side effects have dissipated, continue taking and using clen so it can fully take effect.

Dosage Requirement for Experience Users

Once your body has gotten used to clen gel steroids and did not experience any side effects, you can move on to more powerful and higher dosages.

From the 20 mcg or 25 mcg level, you can up this to 40 mcg for your next cycle. Experienced users will also feel comfortable about increasing the dosage every couple of days during a cycle.

Speaking of the cycle, 6 weeks is still the norm, but you will find a number of bodybuilders that go on cycles for as long as 12 weeks , and there are even those who go much further while increasing the dosage incrementally.

When you’re an advanced user, there is no limit to the variation of the dosages: the starting point for experienced users is 40 mcg, and from there you can add 10 or 20 mcg until you reach the maximum of 140 mcg.

You also have the option, as stated earlier, of stacking clen for additional weight loss and buildup of lean muscle.

Clenbuterol bodybuilding in other words, is very flexible and can be used in the cutting and bulking phases. The question of which is better, gel or tablet, will continue on and in the end, what really matters is where you buy these and how you use it.

The key to success isn’t to try all the cycles, but to first set a goal –lose weight, develop lean muscle or both- and stick with it.

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