The Rock Steroids

The Rock, WWE Superstar, Hollywood actor, TV presenter of show Hero, have I missed anything? Well, he isn’t a bad singer is he?

One of the most talented individuals of our generation. I mean it, I want you to tell me someone else who has played American football, been a main eventer in the WWE, in fact, one of the biggest stars the wrestling industry has ever had and probably ever will have, a mega superstar in Hollywood, presented his own TV show, can sing, and do all of these incredible things.

But that’s not the point of this article the point of this article was The Rock Steroids. Does this guy use anabolic steroids?

Before continuing, I’d like you to read my previous article on The Rock. How To Get a Body Like The Rock This article goes depth on the huge increase of size The Rock added within a few years. In fact he’s actually just got a role in the movie Hercules. He begins filming this in April so I expect him to get bigger than ever. I expect the photos we’ve seen of him looking incredibly huge like this one to the side.

I expect this to be nothing to the size he will soon be putting on.

What kind of steroids will he use to do this?

Human growth hormone
Insulin growth factor 1
Anadrol in the early days, when leaning down he’ll move to anavar or t-bol.

The reason is The Rock needs to be incredible huge. A lot of evidence points to him using Tren including his lack of cardio vascular fitness which was witnessed when he competed in the WWE recently. Tren makes cardio HARD, and I mean hard.

A lot of people seem to get mad and jumpy with The Rock “He’s just a roided up wrestler” I’ve heard. Of course he is to a degree, but if you think he can’t act, you are an idiot. Jealousy among those doing better than you is common.

The Rock works hard, and I mean hard. He gets up at 5 in the morning eats, drives to a gym, trains, then he will do acting for a good several hours, throw that in with public appearances and everything else and there’s no way you can’t respect the guy for the work he’s put in.

Remember this is the guy that in 1997 had only a few dollars to his name. That story he tells is not fictional it is a REAL honest true story of his life and what it took to get where he got now. Something I believe we can all do if we put our mind to it.

Bodybuilding isn’t just about looking better it’s about becoming better, becoming more successful in life and I hope to see many others carry this on, The Rock is a great example of what the average hard working guy can do.

Sure The Rock steroids might go together but who really cares? The guy works hard, he’s a tremendous athlete and we can have nothing but respect for him.

I plan to do plenty more like it and enjoyed writing it. Until next time I hope you enjoyed this article titled The Rock Steroids.

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