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Alternative to Steroids

Many people are afraid to take steroids. Due to modern cultures look at the products you can see why this happens. While here at we obviously condone the use of steroids, you, yourself may be searching for an alternative to steroids, which is completely reasonable. It is, of course possible to obtain a happy result whatever your goal may be.

If your goal is fat loss, you may look at trying Clen. Clen is used all over by celebrities in Hollywood and is not considered to be an anabolic steroid, despite sometimes being labelled as one. Clen is, in fact, a supplement and is to be used when you are trying to cut body fat. It speeds up your body’s own metabolism and allows you to burn fat at a faster rate. However you still need to be following a strict diet and be in a calorie deficit. Never fail on this part whether you are natural or taking anabolic steroids. Contrary to the belief that steroids do the work for you, your DIET does a big part in your desired results. Steroids only help you recover faster, allowing you to build muscle at a faster pace.

Another product that many like to try as an alternative to steroids for fat loss is T3. T3 is a thyroid hormone and speed up your natural thyroid. The only big downside to T3 is that if you are not on an anabolic steroids such as Testosterone, you will lose muscle at most effective dosages. If your primary goal is to get skinny and you don’t care at all about muscle, a great option would be using T3 alongside Clen, and use a good cardio and weight routine.

So how about building muscle without steroids? Remember when I said that your diet has a big part in your desired results? When it comes to an alternative to steroids for building muscle, diet is your key to success. If you a 130 pound man who wants to put on 20 pounds of muscle, you need to be eating a LOT! This means a lot of protein and some healthy carbs to keep your energy up. Your protein needs to come from real good food sources. Great examples are chicken, fish, beef and eggs, and you could add in a protein shake for your before and/or after post work out nutrition. Your carbs need to also come from good clean sources! This means no frying up a burger with all the dressings! Some examples of good clean carbs are oats, whole wheat bread and pasta or rice.

There are of course many other supplements that you could take to increase your desired results. Omega 3 Fish Oil is a great supplement to the natural bodybuilder. It helps lube your joints up and does a multitude of other good stuff! Other great supplements are vitamin e, vitamin c, b12. It’s always smart to just grab up a good multivitamin while you’re at it.

When it comes to bodybuilding without steroids, you need to stop and think. Also remember that just because it sounds healthy doesn’t mean that it is! Always read your nutrition facts before purchasing “gluten free” products or “extra protein” products.

Thanks for reading alternative to steroids and be sure to check back!

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