Phil Heath Mr Olympia Bodybuilder : Life Story Of a Legend

Phil Heath has already become Mr. Olympia seven times. The former champion has a great chance of becoming the next G.O.A.T. (“greatest of all time”) in bodybuilding. He may once stand next to Ronnie Coleman and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Phil is one of the most popular, yet one of the most interesting characters in the sport. We’ve prepared some rare facts about one of the living bodybuilding legends for you.

Full Name: Phillip Jerrod Heath
Born: 18 December 1979
Nationality: American
Wife: Shurie Heath
Net Worth: $5mln
Height: 175cm (5ft 9in)
Contest Weight: 109kg (240lb)
Off-season Weight: 125kg (275lb)
Professional Debut: 2006
Olympia wins: 2011-2017

Phil Heath at Mr. Olympia

First Steps

“Hard work beats talent all day, but talented people with great work ethic become unstoppable.” – Phil Heath

Phil said that building the body of a superhuman had always been his dream. The young sportsman spent hours in a gym, even so, he always felt that was not enough. Working harder, exercising more – that was the daily aim of Phil. This is the only secret component of his success.

He still remembers his first competition in 2003, – a bright debut and a bright victory. The sportsman took the first prize. The judges of the contest called him “The Gift” for his great physique. Phil needed only two more years to win his pro card. Soon after he understood that dreams about the Olympia stage could come true.

Heath said he was preparing to compete at Olympia in 2007. But his own fears and perfectionism forced him to postpone his Olympia debut for a year. Phil’s plan worked. 12 more months of hard work turned him into one of the main candidates for the first place. Phil took third place. No debutant has been able to show better results since Flex Wheeler in 1993.

7 Years At The Top

“To keep winning, I have to constantly outdo myself.”– Phil Heath.

Some sportsmen dedicate their lives to winning Olympia. Phil needed less than ten years in the sport to get to the bodybuilding throne. The sportsman won Olympia in 2011 and managed to repeat his success 6 more times.

Phil said he had no intention of stopping. He can still repeat the great success of Lee Haney and Ronnie Coleman, who won Olympia 8 times in a lifetime. Yet, Heath’s reign ended in 2018 when Shawn Rhoden took the main prize.

Out of Olympia

It wasn’t easy to be second to Phil. He was still one of the best bodybuilders in the world. Yet, Heath was ready to end his career and appeared too embarrassed and depressed. The sportsman was not able to hide his disappointment and anger. But he managed to come back to training a few days after the contest was over.

“I’ll be back!” – promised Phil, reassuring his fans that the champion’s title will return to its ex-owner. Still, Heath is not in a hurry to be back at Olympia. Whether he does this again or not, he’s already a legend!

Phil Heath Best Photos

Phil Heath Workout

Phil is not a fan of exotic exercises or new bodybuilding techniques. He believes that the classic gym routine works well enough. The former Mr.Olympia thinks that it’s very important to find out what works best for you. Well-known moves always work – the task is to construct a routine that is excellent for your body. A different person needs a different number of sets, exercises, weights, training intensity.

Discipline goes first

Looking for an individual solution doesn’t always mean following your moods. Phil believes that discipline is key to everything. He’s got a training schedule he’s been following for years. Four days a week are for lifting weights and one day is for cardio. Each training session lasts at least two hours. Phil never cuts his workouts except for serious health issues.

If you want to be better – learn from the best

Phil says that his motivators are Arnold Schwarzenegger and Ronnie Coleman. They are both the champions in bodybuilding. He learns much from them and practices the same training principles.

Weekly Goals

Monday is leg day for Phil. Starting the week from the hardest part is a good tradition, he believes. Have you noticed how great his legs look? Phil says that the secret is the diversity of exercises. You can never get excellent legs with only a couple of moves. Phil performs at least 10 exercises. Monday’s routine includes squats, leg presses, stiff-legged deadlifts, and calf raises.

Tuesday is a day to build an outstanding chest and triceps. Heath says he uses at least 8 exercises for triceps and chest training.

Wednesday is the time to rest. No clubs or exhausting activities. Sound rest is also a part of bodybuilding preparation. Phil needs lots of healthy sleep, vitamin-containing meals, and some relaxation.

Thursday is for Phil’s back and biceps routine. Phil focuses on 10 different exercises and an increased number of repetitions. He plans up to 12 repetitions for each set.

Friday is the time to hit shoulders and traps. Phil believes that bulking up shoulder muscles may change the game. He thinks a perfect shoulder plan must include at least 6 exercises.

Saturday is for cardio. The 7-times Mr. Olympia thinks cardio is a must for anyone who wants to stay lean and shredded. Yet, he believes any cardio works well for a bodybuilder. Running, aerobics, or cycling – he usually chooses anything he likes to do at the moment.

Sunday is the best time for a day-off. This day is a great chance to restore, have some fun, and prepare for hard work the next day.

Phil Heath Diet

Usually, Phil consumes around 5000 calories a day. He gets around 400 grams of protein and 600 grams of carbohydrates. The sportsman has 7 meals a day. He eats lots of beef, chicken, egg whites, brown rice, oatmeal, and steamed vegetables.

Phil also takes supplements to make his diet fuller. Multivitamins, creatine, and BCAA’s are always part of his nutrition. Unlike many of his colleagues, Heath keeps his diet strict even during the offseason. It helps him to stay in a near-competing weight most of the time.

Kai Greene Compared Himself With Phil Heath: “All I Was Missing Was a Smile!”

Kai and Phil used to be competitors at the Olympia stage. Yet, they still keep battling. A few days ago Kai Greene shared an astonishing photo collage. It’s a good time to remind that Kai and Phil are still rivals.

The Olympia contest was never over for Kai Greene and Phil Heath. Both of them have been off stage for a while. Yet, they both keep fighting online. Internet quarrels between Greene and Heath have often become a sports sensation.

Kai Greene has never won Olympia. Yet, he’s called one of the greatest bodybuilders ever. Sure, Phil Heath is a real eyesore for Greene. The 7-times champion often was the only person standing between Kai and the crown.

Being the second-best Olympia participant means being almost as great as the winner. That’s the reason for popular quarrels, – whether judges are always subjective.

Kai never raises this topic for a serious reason. Yet, he loves joking. The sportsman shared a collage of himself and Phil. Both sportsmen looked excellent – muscled and ripped. Their smiles were the only details that looked very different. Phil was showing his teeth, while Kai smiled with his mouth closed.

“All I was missing was a smile!”, – wrote Kai, sharing the newly discovered key to Olympia’s victories. The sportsman’s followers and colleagues were happy to support him. Now when Kai knows ‘the secret’, he has every chance to come and win.

Bullying Is Not Cool: Phil Heath Speaks Up to Protect a Transgender Bodybuilder Janae Kroc Amidst

Cyber-bullying is a serious problem that affects not only common internet users but also stars, celebrities, and outstanding sports characters. Janae Kroc Amidst former bodybuilding enthusiast and an ambitious powerlifter became a real internet-legend after changing her gender some years ago.

Unfortunately, the great fame attracted not only positive changes to Janae’s life. Alongside an army of supporters and fans, the former powerlifter faced lots of criticism and hates. Each post of Janae results in dozens of hateful comments and messages. Internet trolls and haters deny her great sports achievements and activity and criticize the celebrity’s decision and appearance.

In order to change the situation, two famous colleagues of Janae decided to speak up for her protection. Mike Rashid who knows Janae for years advised all haters to pay their attention to the beautiful personality of the former powerlifter, telling that she’s “an awesome parent and a good person”.

The former Olympia champion Phil Heath also left his comment to support an old friend. “I’m proud of you for living your truth.”, – he commented under Janae’s photo, explaining his position. Phil mentioned that he knew Janae for years and appreciated her strength and professionalism. Perhaps, such support won’t stop bullying in Janae’s account. However, it will definitely give her the power to take it all.

Kai Greene Worked On Phil Heath’s Image

Kai is known for his creativity and outstanding talent to make fun out of anything. The former Olympia contestant and one of the most popular bodybuilders in the world whose shredded body leaves no one indifferent

It’s not a secret that Kai has a kind of complicated relationship with Phil Heath who is believed to be Greene’s hardest opponent. Two sportsmen often argued at the stage and on the internet. However, now when they don’t really compete against each other, they look more like old friends than mortal foes.

Greene often jokes on Phil Heath, mentioning Phil’s name in his Instagram account. Recently Kai tried a role of Heath’s personal stylist, combining his own image with an image of Heath. Greene admitted that Heath shall think about wearing some locks.

Phil Heath answered, promising to show some of his old-school photos of him wearing plates. The post collected almost two million likes. Hundreds of sports celebrities commented on the picture, including Dexter Jackson, Bradley Martyn, and Hany Rambod. 

Phil Heath Will Not Be Competing In 2019 Olympia

The 2019 Olympia is right around the corner, so everyone wonders whether Kai Greene or other veterans will appear on the big stage this year.

Do you think former reigning champion of Olympia Phil Heath will make a sensational comeback? From his social media, we can see he is in his perfect shape, and many believe his shape is even better than before, thanks to steroids that helped him lose abs fat.  Is he going to reclaim his crown?

It doesn’t look like that though.

Multiple sources state that Phil Heath will be officially sitting out of the 2019 Olympia. Here is Heath’s recent statement, check it out below:




Should we hope to see Phil Heath competing next year? Time will show.

Is Phil Heath going to get another Olympia victory?

Everyone wonders whether Phil Heath is going to come back to the Olympia stage in 2019, especially after he lost his 2018 title. The rumors guess he is going to return in 2020. However, Phil didn’t confirm anything yet. If Heath is going to come back in 2020, will he be able to win or not? This question teases everyone.

Heath is getting older, despite being the champion for 7 years. But he still has one of the best physics in the bodybuilding world. Any of the new coming bodybuilders can become a star now.

We all wonder if Shawn Rhoden will become a new returning champion. And what if Phil Heath won’t be back to the stage until 2020?

Check out Phil Heath’s latest video below.

Phil Heath Looks Extra Massive In His Recent Photos

This year is very special for the career of Phil Heath. The former Mr. Olympia has now a very unstable position. Will Phil return his champion title? Will he stay one of the greatest Olympia contestants this year? Will he lose a chance to become the bodybuilding king again? And, finally, will he take part in the contest this year at all?

As we see, there are too many questions and, unfortunately, too little clear answers for any of them. Until now, Phil Heath hasn’t give any informative comments about the upcoming event. Moreover, his mood is quite changeable and it makes his fans guessing what the plans of the former champion are.

Some insiders told that Phil was going to take a break and skip this year contest. That could probably help him to restore after major surgery and great emotional stress. However, the sportsman himself didn’t comment on the information, so until now, it’s nothing but another hypothesis.

Moreover, some recent photos of the sportsman proved that he was not wasting time during the offseason. The bodybuilder looks visibly bigger and stronger than ever before. It’s obvious, that Phil has already restored after his medical operation and some health issues and can train as hard as before.

While the contest is still weeks ahead, we can expect to see Phil Heath even in a greater shape this year. Such a positive transformation can be another evidence that the sportsman is preparing to return his champion status as soon as possible and is planning to return to the stage in 2019.    

Phil Heath Spoke About His Plans For 2019 Olympia

There are a lot of reasons to wait for 2019 Olympia. However, many sports fans are especially interested in seeing Phil Heath on the stage of the main bodybuilding event this year.

The former Olympia king has already become a part of the sport’s history, winning the contest 7 times in a row. No doubts that Phil Heath will be remembered as one of the best bodybuilders of the modern era. However, last year loss still was a great shock for the sportsman.

Phil suffered from depression. In addition, he had a serious health issue that led to severe pains and the bodybuilder was hospitalized for major surgery. Last year was a real nightmare for Heath.

While many sports experts say that Phil has high chances to return his title back this year, the sportsman himself doesn’t look too confident. Phil has repeatedly changed his decision about his possible return to the Olympia contest.

The former Mr. Olympia never spoke clearly about his plans. Moreover, he ignored direct questions connected to the 2019 Olympia contest. Those facts became reasons to think that Phil was not planning to join the 2019 contest.

Some insiders also told that Phil thought about making a break for a year due to health issues. However, this information has never been verified or denied by Phil.

The former champion was repeatedly invited for an open discussion that would give his fans a chance to ask him the most trending questions. However, the sportsman avoided taking part in any interviews. Now Phil looks ready to reveal some of his plans and ideas.

Phil addressed his fans, speaking about his current situation and his future plans. This video is the first attempt of the sportsman to answer some questions of his fans. The bodybuilder prefers to avoid giving direct answers to some questions, however, he shared a lot of facts that can help in making our own conclusions.

Nathan De Asha Thinks Phil Heath Shall Stop Competing

2019 Olympia is definitely one of the most awaited events in the history of bodybuilding. Last year we witnessed great and unexpected changes, however, 2019 is promising to be even hotter.

While the contest is still far, it is already widely discussed by sports bloggers, bodybuilders, and bodybuilding fans. No doubts, there are many great participants to pay attention to, however, the most popular names now are Shawn Rhoden and Phil Heath. The current and the former champion are ready to fight for the desired title and no one can even predict how their battle can end.

Nathan De Asha is also interested in the upcoming contest. He is also intrigued by the future competition between Phil and Shawn. Usually, Nathan prefers talking about his own experience and career goals, however, the current situation is exceptional.

The bodybuilder told that he thought both champions are worth the victory. He admires both Rhoden and Heath and thinks they deserve respect. However, Nathan told he would not like to see Phil Heath competing again.

De Asha has no reasons to hate Phil. He never denies the fact that Phil is a talented and ambitious sportsman. However, Nathan thinks that it’s time for new faces in bodybuilding. Phil Heath has already won the champion title seven times. No doubts, he is able to win again. But this will be a step back for the development of the sport.

Nathan advises Phil to stop. De Asha wonders: “Heath has already proven that he’s number one, why not to give this chance to someone else?”.

Dennis James Thinks That Phil Heath Can Lose His Chance to Become a Champion Again!

Phil Heath has been one of the most popular and discussed bodybuilders in recent years. The reason for that was his victories and an incredibly long-lasting leadership on the Olympia stage. However, it looks like his recent loss has brought him even more fame that all of his seven victories.

Now, when the competing season is getting closer, everyone is interested in what is going to happen to the ex-champion’s career. There are too many questions, starting with ‘whether Phil will compete this year’ and ending up with ‘if the sportsman becomes the champion again’.

Phil Heath posted some videos assuring his fans that he is ready for the 2019 competition. The sportsman looks incredibly confident. However, there are also some information sources that say the sportsman is thinking about postponing his great return and make a break this year. The possible reason for that can be his depression caused by the loss or possible health issues (the sportsman underwent a major operation only a few months ago).

The information can be nothing but gossips, and this possibly has no relation to the real intentions of Phil. However, many sports experts have already reacted to it and attacked Phil with all sorts of recommendations and advice.

Dennis James has never missed a chance to share his professional opinion about things that happen in the world of the sport. Moreover, his thoughts are often interesting and are very close to the truth.

Dennis thinks that missing a year may become one of the greatest mistakes of the sportsman. He says that Phil has great chances to return his position in the competition now. However, the more time he loses, the fewer chances he has.


Phil Heath, Nathan De Asha, and Regan Grimes Showed their Offseason Physique Before Arnold Classic 2019

Offseason is a great and very important time. It gives sportsmen a chance to relax and restore, to decide their personal issues and to cure their professional diseases. However, if you think that offseason is a kind of vacation, you are not right.

Offseason is a great time to gain some muscles and to try new training techniques. This time sportsmen work on the physical base that will allow them to look great and massive on the stage. Comparing the way bodybuilders look during the offseason and right before or during the bodybuilding contests, you can notice a great difference. However, the offseason physique also allows evaluating a sportsman’s work and potential.

It’s always interesting to see how the top bodybuilders look preparing for the upcoming contests. And, fortunately, some of them are always ready to demonstrate the result of their muscle gaining during the offseason.

The closer the Arnold Classic contest is, the clearer we understand that the offseason is almost over. Soon the sportsmen will add more cardio exercises and will change their diets to lose some fat and to make their bodies look more lean and shredded.

These last months of the offseason is the last chance to see the pre-competition physique of the popular bodybuilders. Sportsmen like Phil Heath, Nathan De Asha, and Regan Grimes has already shared their results and pictures to show how their bodies look during the offseason.

Looking at the sportsmen, you can see the amount of work that has been done during the latest months. All sportsmen look great, however, watching a specially prepared video, you can easily say who of them has been the most hard-working this time.

Would Phil Heath Consider Joining WWE?

Phil Heath is 39 now and has all the chances to win WWE title. Here is what multi-time Mr. Olympia replied to his fans after they discussed the possibility of him joining the WWE on Twitter: “If my back and hips can take it I’d be down no question about it”.

Check out his Twitter post:

“As much as I loved watching you win Sandows. I think people gotta remember you were/are an athlete too. Wouldn’t mind seeing you transition into the @WWE for a stint and pick up a belt or two. Wrestling fans have never seen anything like YOU”.

They call Phil Heath “Gift” for good reason, while one has to be really special to win Mr. Olympia seven times. And Phil Heath is one of those who look really impressive on the stage!

After Heath appeared in Monday Night Raw with a pro wrestler and his good buddy Mojo Rawley in 2018, we all wonder whether he would consider wrestling.

Do you think we will see Phil Heath wrestling in the WWE?

Phil Heath Is Ready To Do Better Than in 2018

There’s no doubt that Phil Heath is a great bodybuilder and probably one of the most hardworking sportsmen in the world. Nothing can prove that better than his seven victories in the greatest bodybuilding competition.

However, last year has become a really upsetting surprise for the former Mr. Olympia. Phil Heath was dethroned by Shawn Rhoden and took the second place. Unfortunately, that has become a strong shock for Phil.

Moreover, Phil Heath told that he had some serious health issues and had to go to a hospital for major surgery. The medical manipulations became a reason for the sportsman’s long break from training. Phil was advised to stop training for 15 weeks.

Both of these factors could destroy the bodybuilder’s hope for returning his champion’s title. However, Phil is not a sportsman who got used to giving up easily. Years of hard work and a strong habit to overcome challenges and obstacles made him come back to training with a great intention to prove his privilege on the Olympia stage.

Now Phil is totally back to training. He looks just as great as usually does and you can hardly notice any sign of the serious disease, looking at the sportsman. Moreover, Phil tells he feels just great. He’s very motivated and energetic.

Phil Heath told he was ready to show a better result than last year and most sports experts agreed with him. “That guy… I’m going to beat that guy!” – told Phil while making one of his latest videos and sharing it with his fans.

The upcoming competition is going to be very hot and intriguing as no one of the main contenders to the title is going to give up.  

Phil Heath is Sure He Will Win 2019 Olympia

Phil Heath managed to win the Olympia crown seven years in a row. However, his long reign was interrupted in 2018. The new winner and the main pretender for the first place in 2019 Shawn Rhoden amazed the jury of the contest with his incredible physique and posing skills. Moreover, many sports critics told that Phil looked worse and less concentrated than before.

In any case, Phil Heath had no chance to get the first place in 2018. He finished the competition being second and he definitely was not happy about that.

The most trending question that raised right after the 2018 competition was whether Phil would leave the professional sport or would return the champion title in 2019. The ex-champion appeared very emotional after his loss.

His fans thought that they would not see their favorite sportsman on the Olympia stage anymore. Moreover, wife of Phil published a message that could be interpreted as Phil’s desire to finish his career. However, soon the situation changed.

Wife of Phil Heath deleted the message and a few days after the sportsman posted some videos and photos, showing that he was ready to continue his hard work and training to improve his physique.

Now, there are no doubts that Phil is taking part in the upcoming Olympia competition. However, many sports experts tell that this time competition will be easy for no one. The battle for the Olympia crown is going to be very hot and interesting and no one can tell exactly what the result of it will be.

However, it looks like there’s one participant that is more confident than others. Phil Heath shared a video message advising everyone to prepare for the 2019 Olympia competition. Unfortunately, the sportsman didn’t speak much, however, his fans have no doubts that this message means that Phil is ready to return his title this year.

We offer you to watch the video and to make your own conclusion about that!

Phil Heath Told That Hard Work Was the Key to His Success, Not the Talent

2018 was kind of a difficult year for Phil Heath. The sportsman who won Mr. Olympia title seven years in a row was easily dethroned by his opponent Shawn Rhoden. However, not only the loss of his champion title became an unpleasant surprise for Heath.

The sportsman faced a huge wave of criticism. After showing a nice result and finishing 2018 Olympia being second, Phil was called a loser. That was simply unfair. Later the bodybuilder confessed he had to prepare for the competition, having some health issues. Soon after the contest was over, Heath was in the hospital for serious surgery.

It seems like last year was a really hard test for the ex-champion. There were moments that made his fans think he was going to give up. However, soon the sports society understood, Heath was not the one to forget about his goals quickly.

Now, when the bodybuilder managed to overcome his depression and disappointment, he’s ready for new victories and achievements. Just a few days ago the sportsman told that bodybuilding was that special challenge that changed his life, taught him to be strong, determined and confident.

Recently, Phil posted an interesting photo from his old archive. It shows Phil training in 2009, during his preparation for the annual Olympia contest. The young sportsman looked simply amazing.

Phil told that not genetics or talent helped him to become what he is. He said that hard work always meant more than any inborn qualities. Phil advised his followers not to count on talent: “When talent works hard it’s fucking over for you! Go get your success everyone and be sure to give thanks to those who help you along the way.”.


“Phil Heath Is Gone” – Will Kai Green Come Back In 2019?

Sergio Oliva Jr. calls out Kai Greene to compete at the 2019 Olympia since Phil Heath is gone and isn’t going to come back. Olivia Jr. made everyone to realize that every bodybuilder wants to have the Olympia title.

“If Kai doesn’t come back, then that means he did lie to his fans and he is money hungry which I refuse to believe,” said Sergio.

Oliva Jr. said during his interview:

  “I think and I’ve seen it, I’ve seen guys like Shawn Ray and a bunch of them want to pretend all they want but they want that Olympia and they will think about it for the rest of their lives and I think Kai will as well”.

Check out Oliva Jr.’s interview with Muscular Development below:

Three times Kai Greene managed to take the second place after Phil Heath; it was at the 2012, 2013, and 2014 Mr. Olympia competition. Because of some political reasons, Kai Green believed that he would never win that competition.

In 2016, Kai Greene won the Arnold Classic and Arnold Classic Australia and concluded his career in the competitions. Greene declined the invitation to compete in the 2017 Mr. Olympia. Instead, Kai preferred to act in movies, including his participation in the Netflix series “Stranger Things”.

Is it possible Green comes back to big competition in 2019? Lots of fans would be excited about his comeback to Mr. Olympia.

Last year, Shawn Rhoden dethroned Phil Heath and who knows, Kai Green could surprise everyone this year.

Let’s wait and see whether Kai Green comes back this year!


Phil Heath Showed an Exercise That Made Him a Champion

2018 was quite an unsuccessful year for Phil. He lost his Olympia crown that used to belong to him for seven years in a row.

However, he can never lose his knowledge, expertise, and ability to work hard. Who knows, maybe, already this year he will return his champion title back. In any case, the true living legend and one of the best bodybuilders in the history of the sport is worth being listened to.

Before the beginning of the year, Phil showed one of his favorite exercises, explaining his fans all the details and rules about it. Phil has repeatedly told that he and his coaches choose the exercises very carefully and never waste time on training that brings no effects.

Moreover, Phil also avoids traumatic exercises and learn everything about the safest training techniques. The former champion believes that getting a trauma while training is one of the worst things that may happen as this always push you back, ruining the achieved result. The issue of safety is especially important now, some months after Phil had a surgery. 

Many bodybuilders say that Phil’s social accounts are very informative and educative. Each video of Heath’s training inspires and gives new training ideas to thousands of sportsmen.

The secret exercise that, as Phil thinks, has helped the sportsman to build a great physique is called Jefferson Squad. It’s quite a rare exercise, that is not as difficult as many people may think. It’s also very effective if to make it correctly.

Phil noticed that there are only a few sportsmen that pay a deserved attention to the exercise. That’s why he decided to share some informational video about his training and the exercise itself.

Fans of the bodybuilder and those sportsmen who are looking for more effective ways of training have appreciated the video message of the former champion, calling it great!


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