Lose Fat & Build Muscle Simultaneously

Some people are of the view that losing fats and building muscles at the same time is not possible. This is because they haven’t bothered to do such exercises which burn the fats and build the muscles simultaneously.

Experts have shown that it is possible by regular exercises and proper daily protein diet. Actually, losing fats require burning of calories while building muscles require consumption of calories. Both the processes are opposite to each other. Then the question arises that how it is possible to do both processes at the same time?


Yes, it is possible to lose fats and build strong muscles by proper diet and regular exercise. The mechanism is that, when fats or calories are burned; energy is released by the body.

This energy is again consumed by the body to increase endurance for hard workouts. So at the same time, body loses fats and builds muscles side by side.

Basically, there are four groups of people who can do these processes simultaneously i.e.

  • Fat beginners
  • People who are regaining lost muscles
  • Genetic freaks
  • Steroid users.

Genetic freaks are doing this process naturally and Steroid users intake different steroids which lead to the above mentioned processes at the same time. Fat beginners join different gyms or take assistance of experts for different exercises and proper diet while people who are regaining lost muscles intake maximum protein diets which permit them to regain the lost calories without increase in the weight.


As mentioned that people can lose the fats and build the muscles at the same time, so let us discuss that how this is possible. Following are the ways for how people can lose unwanted fats and build the muscles at the same time.

  • Proper Diet:

If anyone is really serious about his body physique and wants to make it attractive, than he should intake low calories diet. By this, most of the digestive hormones of the body will react on the fats and burn them effectively. So, proper diet can cause serious and effective weight loss to the body.

  • Regular Exercises:

After proper diet, People are supposed to follow the next thing i.e. regular exercises of muscle building. The energy released by body will eventually be consumed by the muscles when people will do exercises. This prevents the body to lose the energy as waste. If anyone will not do exercise, he/she is liable to lose excessive weight but no gain in muscles.

  • Using Steroids:

Another way of losing fats and building muscles is using steroids. This is most popular way among the body builders. Oral Steroids consumers can eat whatever they want. It provides energy to the consumer for hard workout and enhances the metabolism rate of the body side by side. Although, using steroids have benefits but it also causes harmful effects to the body due to different chemicals used in it.

From the above knowledge, it is clear that though steroid is helpful to body but it also have side effect. So, proper diet and regular exercises is the best option for the people.


Building muscles and losing fats simultaneously isn’t a natural process. One must have to take some measures to initiate it in the body. Following are the advices of doctors and experts for the people,

  • People should consume proper amount of calories in order to gain less fats.
  • Do different exercises on the daily basis.
  • Experts also advice that people should get enough sleeps daily because less sleeping in hindrance to both fat losing and muscles building.
  • Should take such supplements which are free from steroids and any side effect to enhance the processes of losing fat and providing energy for muscles building.
  • Heavy weight lifting is the best choice which for effective muscles building.
  • The experts also provide pamphlets of comprehensive guidance for body builders.

In addition to these advices, if someone is finding that this is causing negative effects to the body, then consult the experts immediately.

The views of most of the people are proven wrong by the fact that people can lose fats and build muscles side by side. The article provides guidance for the people who are tired of their over weight and weak muscles. So, by taking proper diets and daily exercises, people can lose the fats and use the decomposed energy for muscle building.

Although, steroids are the alternatives of diet and exercises but it contains some harmful chemicals which can cause negative effects to the body. So, people should follow the advice of experts in order to lose their weight and build muscles side by side.

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