Natural Best Supplement for Cutting Without Losing Muscle

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Eating well and training is the best way to lose extra body fat without losing muscle. Limiting calories will never make you lose your body fat. Bodies have a safety mechanism that works the opposite way to keep fat.

Lipoprotein lipase is the enzyme that prevents losing fat. It slows down metabolism and makes the body to keep fat. Besides that, the body gives up the muscle tissue for energy making you lose the wrong weight.

Muscle contains 70% water. When you weigh yourself, you might think that you are losing fat but it is the water and the muscle that you have lost.

And since muscle burns calories, this also lowers metabolism. When you are off the diet, you will recover the fat you had and even if you eat little and you will still keep getting fat.

How to lose body fat without losing your muscle

  • You must training a lot.

You can go to the gym, ride a bike or play tennis, do yoga, go for a walk. Mandatory condition – do it regularly.

  • Eating frequency

You should eat 6 or 7 times per day. You will not be eating more calories than what the body needs but you will have divided the calories uniformly throughout the day. This will

  • Increase metabolism
  • Prevent cravings
  • Prevent high and low blood sugar

You will have fewer hunger pangs and more energy. Digestion will also take place easily and you will have created a metabolic environment that assists in losing fat and gaining muscle.

  • Meals

When losing body fat, you are required to consume less than what the body needs. This creates a negative balance. Instead of counting the calories eaten, portions are counted. A portion is the same size as a clenched fist and it is the easiest way of eating.

Foods to eat

  • Essential fatty acids- omega 6 and omega 3

Benefits of Omega 3

  • Maintains a healthy immune system and protects you from pollutants.
  • Helps in brain development
  • It adults it is needed for testis, adrenal, nerve, visual and brain functions

Benefits of Omega 6

It is gotten from seed oils and it is known as linoleic acid (LA). The body converts it to gamma-linoleic acid which is used to produce 2 prostaglandin series (PG1 and PG2) that help in

  • Maintaining the skin
  • Regulating blood pressure
  • Producing reproductive hormones

More of Essential fatty acids

  • Improves oxygen intake
  • Improves energy production
  • Increases metabolism
  • Stimulates oxidation process
  • Protein

Protein helps in body development and repair. It also provides energy.

  • Carbohydrates

Benefits of carbohydrates:

  • They provide energy
  • Assist in digestion
  • Helps the body to manage the number of calories and fat in the diet
  • Offer minerals and vitamins
  • Fluids

Muscle contains 70% water and fluid is the main transport mechanism for carbohydrates, nutrients. Fluids also assist in cellular activities.


With the right diet and exercise, you will be able to lose body fat and maintain your muscle. Exercises include lifting weight and aerobics and they help in increasing metabolic rate.

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