Improving Protein Synthesis with Crazy Bulk

If you want to get bigger muscles the best way to do this is by improving protein synthesis with Crazy Bulk.

If you want bigger muscles you need to train hard, you also need to make sure your muscles are using all the nutrients you are providing them with. Before I explain the benefits of improving protein synthesis with Crazy Bulk, let me provide you with a brief explanation of what protein synthesis is and how it works.

What is protein synthesis?

Protein synthesis is when the bodies individual cells build specific proteins during the cell generation process, DNA is also involved, mRNA (Messenger RNA)is made from DNA, imagine DNA as a room full of books, each book describes how to make a certain protein, the mRNA is like making a copy of a certain book. Individual proteins guide which part of the DNA is copied in mRNA, sort of like a librarian that guides a person to the correct reference book.

The second step in protein synthesis would be to transfer mRNA to the nucleus of the cell, this is where the DNA is stored and where mRNA becomes useful.

The third step is for the ribosomes to match up the nucleotides in the mRNA, this then carries the amino acids for a certain sequence. Once all three steps are completed, amino acids are added to the protein chain, making them available to the body which includes your muscles.

Protein synthesis is a complex process that the human body handles easily, for a bodybuilder, making it easier for the body to synthesize protein makes it easier for the muscles to get bigger.

Crazy Bulk can help maximize protein synthesis, that is because of the ingredients in the product, in particular, the Crazy Bulk bulking stack is one of the best supplements for increasing muscle mass.

To gain muscle it is recommended you get anywhere between 0.75 -1 gram of protein per 1 kg (2.2 lbs) of bodyweight, however, this will vary, you should also take into consideration that during the digestion process you may lose up to 0.36 grams per 1 Kg (2.2) lbs of protein during digestion.

Improving protein synthesis with Crazy Bulk
The bulking stack from Crazy Bulk is a high-quality legal steroid that will help improve protein absorption, the bulking stack contains 4 supplements that include the following:

D-Bal plays a big role in boosting nitrogen retention in the muscles and helps your body effectively synthesize protein.

Testo Max increases testosterone levels, speeds up muscle recovery and helps increase strength.

Tbal75 helps increase energy, stamina, and conditioning, it is essential, especially on those days when you train big muscle groups like chest, back, and legs. Maintaining energy on leg or back day can be tough, Tbal75 gives you the stamina required to get through the workout.

Decaduro is key for increasing energy, it does this by making sure your muscles are getting enough oxygen during training, it does this by increasing red blood cells, giving you more raw power during intense lifts.

30 day Crazy Bulk cycle

In order to effectively gain muscle you need to dedicate at least 30 days for each cycle, during that period you should keep a close eye on your protein intake while taking the Crazy Bulk stack, making sure you get plenty of lean beef, chicken and pork will help you gain muscle fast.

During your bulking cycle make sure yo do not neglect a daily intake of quality carbohydrates, which can include plenty of fresh green vegetables, rice, yams, and grains.

For most, a 30-day cycle will be sufficient, I personally prefer a back to back 30-day cycle (60 day total), I will then quit taking the Crazy Bulk for 30 days and then cycle again as needed.

Besides improving protein synthesis with Crazy Bulk there are many other benefits, which include more strength, better pumps, more energy, and faster muscle recovery, letting you train more frequently if you desire.


Some of you may not really be in a hurry to pack on muscle, but if you are, Crazy Bulk is a must have for anyone serious about bodybuilding. It will definitely help take your physique to the next level, there are no side effects from using the product, making it a safe effective alternative to anabolic steroids.

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