How to Build Chest Muscle

A question asked all the time on Bodybuilding websites is How to build chest muscle. Honestly, I don’t get it. This is a website that’s primary goal is the education of anabolic steroids, hence the name “Steroidjunkie.” So I would have assumed most of you know how to build a great chest! Otherwise you shouldn’t even be using anabolic steroids, but alas, I am going to go into as much depth and detail as I can to build chest muscle.

So without further ado, welcome to How to Build Chest Muscle.

First it’s the same as any muscle out there, we want to be hitting it hard and often, time under tension is key, as is recruiting and activating as MANY muscle fibres as humanly possible!

The first exercise we will talk about on this list will be the bench press. The key test of strength, as it is seen now. I couldn’t even type that out without laughing, key test of strength? Try a heavy ass weighted dip, or a DEEP full squat with 600lbs on the bar, then tell me about the bench as a test of strength! But jokes aside, the bench press is a great exercise for building the chest muscles.

It works the chest, triceps, biceps, shoulders, stomach, and even the back to some degree, it is a GREAT muscle builder and it is one of the best exercises out there for causing a natural release of hormones.

It’s also worth noting that just because we are talking about the bench press does not mean it has to be the barbell bench press, actually no, far from it, there is the dumb bell bench press which is a fantastic exercise for focusing more of the weight on the chest muscles and giving it a GOOD STRETCH.

In fact a lot of bodybuilders actually prefer to use dumbbells to the barbell for the bench press.

Again there are also other versions you can do, one is the incline bench press, again this can be done with the barbell or with a dumbbell, I always prefer to do these with dumbbells as do most of my clients, again a great exercise.

The next one is of course weighted dips! Good old weighted dips, honestly I don’t think there is another exercise out there anyway near as great for what it does.

It works the chest, triceps, the shoulders, the biceps, the abdominal region to some degree. It’s a GREAT exercise that can add lbs of muscle mass to your frame in little to NO time at all! Honestly, a completely fantastic exercise and I am a huge fan of its ability to generate muscle mass.

A common routine I’ll do is use the bench press as my main “strength” exercise on chest and tricep day for example. 3 sets of 5, or 5×5 etc. Then I’ll go on to 5X10 or 5×15 or 5×12 or whatever for the weighted dip to build muscle and this works to PERFECTION. I honestly can’t tell you how great an exercise it is for this.

Another one, while I said to focus on heavy compounds as you always should, if you are at a public gym worth adding at the end of a WEIGHT training session is of course the cable cross overs.

Cable Cross overs are a fantastic exercise for working the chest muscles and isolating them, I usually do 2×25 reps at the END of my chest session and it is absolutely fantastic.

Finally there are plenty of other good exercises too. If you can afford a weighted dip, doing weighted push ups is INCREDIBLY good for you. If this is still too easy, do weighted push up between 2 chairs to get an extra depth and squeeze on your chest muscles!

All of these are very good and useful exercises that will teach you how to build chest muscle in record time.

Part 2

Start off with benching, tell me a guy out there that isn’t benching today and I’m sure my jaw will hit the floor in shock!

But yeah the bench press is a great exercise and can build HUGE chest muscles if you do it correctly and train hard enough but you need more than just the bench be creative.

Oh you are creative are you? When was the last time you did the bench press with dumbbells instead of that bar? When you do incline bench press do you always use barbells? You should be. Because the incline bench press with a barbell cannot fully stimulate anyway near enough muscle fibres to recruit or activate that using a dumbbell can.

So there you learned something straight away if you want to know How to build chest muscle make sure you use DUMBBELLS for incline bench press.

But add more exercises in then just the damn bench press and those shitty machines I see you all using.

How many of you do heavy weighted dips? I’ve done weighted dips with over 400lbs on, and let me tell you, that will THROW your bench press up into the air, if you can do heavy weighted dips your over head press, your close grip bench press, and traditional barbell bench press will all GO UP.

Not only this but you will have a huge chest.

So many guys ask me How to build chest muscle and the answer to a large degree is the weighted dip, I love the exercise for so many reasons but primarily because well it works!

Also for those of you obsessed with the bench press Don’t just do 3 sets of 8, change it about, for 3 weeks do 5 sets of 10, for another 3 weeks do 10 sets of 3, (Yes this will build muscle) yes ignore the stupid bodybuilding magazines, by training in the lower rep region you will actually RECRUIT and activate much more muscle fibres, try to remember that!

But it’s important to mix things up to keep it fresh then you can truly understand How to build chest muscle

If you see the biggest guys in your gym it doesn’t matter if they use anabolics or not they are the guys who train different every time, the guys who work their ass off and push it like a machine and this is what you need to do if you want to know How to build chest muscle



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