Celebrities on Steroids

Honestly I can’t believe I actually see topics in the forum saying things like this or asking “Do Celebrities take steroids!?!?” It’s ridiculous, of course some of them do!

Does every celebrity take steroids? Well no, what a stupid question, obviously not every celebrity takes it. Do the ones who get massive for roles in TV shows and movies do this? Yes, they do.

I’ve already done an article on Jersey Shore Steroids. (And if you think those guys are NOT on them then you need your head examined) Guys such as Brad Pitt obviously used anabolic steroids for their roles in films such as A Fight Club and B Troy

Fight club will have been more excessive diet, cardio, with a simple anavar and clen to help burn off as much fat as possible and the anavar to hold on to enough muscle to make him look “lean” rather than just anorexic for the film.

For Troy it was more a testosterone and deca stack with perhaps dianabol added to make him look larger than life and have a “greek hero” look, unfortunately I thought he looked like crap in both films! (Sorry, Brad Pitt fans!)

We also have Christian Bale who certainly took anabolic steroids for his role in Batman Begins and American Psycho. Don’t believe me? Read this article we did showing the evidence below.

Did Christian Bale Take steroids For His Role In The Dark Knight Rises

These are just a few celebrities I’ve mentioned. Obviously we know good old Arnold use to use them who was a HUGE celebrity in Hollywood but it’s perhaps a bit unfair to use him as he was a BODYBUILDER before hand.

While talking about Celebrities on Steroids how can I not mention Stallone? The star of both Rocky films has actually been caught with possession of the anabolic hormones while in Australia!

I could keep going. We’ve now had it come out that perhaps up to 85% of tennis players could be on anabolic steroids! Crikey! But surely not?! What about baseball where they were not allowing anyone to enter the hall of fame because they believe 98% of the athletes are on anabolic steroids? Or finally, American football? We all know pro wrestlers are on them, obviously.

But it’s annoying how people assuming Olympic sports men, or celebrities wouldn’t use them..?

If the average guy can train 6 days a week strain hard naturally, then a celebrity who is working 12 hours per day filming can get bigger than him in a matter of 6 months, you have to think to yourself “he’s probably juicing, isn’t he?” Mhmm? Oh right, you’re gonna do some ridiculous claim about personal trainers and Hollywood secrets. Usually these end up costing you 1000s of dollars in books and dvds (steroids would have been much cheaper and less stressful too!)

But jokes aside this was just a hit out at the amount of topics I’ve seen about Celebrities on Steroids

Honestly if we use common sense we can easily tell, yes, some are on them. That’s the simple truth of the matter. I’ve done articles on TONS of celebrities already explaining why I think they are on them, or if they’ve been caught with them or failed drug tests, I don’t have a problem with steroids obviously, in fact I support the use for someone who KNOWS what they are doing.

I do however have a bit of a problem with the way humans view steroids and how it’s seen as an ultimate evil. Grow up and educate yourselves! Until next time thanks for reading this article Celebrities on Steroids

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